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Matt SummerfieldThe Relentless Love Of God
Matt Summerfield reflects on the love of God and how this can shape our lives. [04.12.15]
Jeff CuttsGod's Time
Jeff Cutts reflects on God's timing and plan. [27.11.15]
Andre von MollendorffFragmented Christianity And Porn
Andre von Mollendorff tackles the issue of compartmentalisation and the harm pornography does. [20.11.15]
Dale ElandOur Story His Glory
Dale Eland testifies to God's ability to re-define our moments of shame and use everything for good. [12.11.15]
John AlessiOur 'upstairs-downstairs' Relationship With God
John Alessi explores the nature of relationship with God we're invited into. [05.11.15]
Nik HookeyHats, Hair And Jalapenos
Nik Hookey examines what Paul was really saying about women in 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. [30.10.15]
Tim LucasCommunion And Reconciliation
Tim Lucas reflects on what communion is and Jesus' focus on reconciliation [23.10.15]
David KramerHopelessly Lost - But Making Good Time
David Kramer reflects on the need to follow God's path in life. [16.10.15]
Jim LoweMoney Can't Buy You Happiness
Jim Lowe considers how God would like us to enjoy and use money. [09.10.15]
Glyn BarrettOvercoming In Life
Glyn Barrett reflects on the opportunity each Christian has to overcome. [02.10.15]

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