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Karunakar MallamariRejoice In Life
Karunakar Mallamari reflects on the importance of rejoicing [21.08.15]
Alistair JohnsonThe Worst Places To Live
Ali Johnson comments on the need to break away from stereotypes. By Alistair Johnson - Swanbank [14.08.15]
Howard DrummondThe Tough Mudder
Howard Drummond considers where God is in the midst of trials and challenges [07.08.15]
Paul CritchleyTake Time To Abide
Paul Critchley reflects on the need to live from a place of rest in God. [31.07.15]
Kunle OlabodeActing On The Word Of God
Kunle Olabode considers the importance of living what we believe [27.07.15]
David HellyerBut God...
David Hellyer from Kingdom Faith considers God's ability to intervene. [17.07.15]
Suzie BrockThe Wisdom Of Submission And The Beauty Of Humility
Suzie Brock considers the need to yield our lives fully to God [10.07.15]
Steve GambillHave You Seen My Son?
Steve Gambill reflects on his experience of losing his son and God's heart for His lost sons. [03.07.15]
Mike DaviesThe Mountains Of The Kingdom
Mike Davies considers how change will only come in society by everyday Christians doing extra-ordinary things and believing and accepting that God has a purpose for their life. [26.06.15]
Dan & Claire MaudhubWhat's The Point Of Life?
Dan Maudhub reflects on the need to know a sense of belonging with God and not just believe in God By Dan & Claire Maudhub - Jubilee Church [19.06.15]

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