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Glyn BarrettHaving Confidence In God
Glyn Barrett exhorts us to rely on God's track record and not our own ability. [04.05.18]
Josiah ParrAccepting God's Will Whether He Gives A Red Or Green Light
Josiah Parr looks at what it means to go at God's pace and in His timing. [27.04.18]
Mike DaviesThe Love Of God - The Perfect Father
Mike Davies considers the importance of fathering. [23.04.18]
Deborah MitchellHaving Childlike Faith
Deborah Mitchell looks at the results of childlike faith in the Bible. [11.04.18]
Alistair JohnsonDefending The Rights Of The Vulnerable
Ali Johnson shares his recent experience of helping to halt the deportation of a friend. By Alistair Johnson - Swanbank [05.04.18]
David KramerWhere Did He Go?
David Kramer on the importance of knowing where Jesus is and staying focused on Him. [29.03.18]
Ben DoggettA Time For Everything
Ben Doggett considers how to see the seasons of life through God's eyes. [23.03.18]
Olumide KolawoleDealing With The Temptation To Sin
Olumide Kolawole looks at why we sin and how to overcome it. [16.03.18]
Suzie BrockLiving With Intent
Suzie Brock shares her story of how she has got closer to God. [08.03.18]
David HellyerDo Whatever Jesus Tells You
David Hellyer looks at when Jesus turned water into wine, and considers the importance of responding to whatever Jesus says. [02.03.18]

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