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Mike DaviesThe Mountains Of The Kingdom
Mike Davies considers how change will only come in society by everyday Christians doing extra-ordinary things and believing and accepting that God has a purpose for their life. [26.06.15]
Dan & Claire MaudhubWhat's The Point Of Life?
Dan Maudhub reflects on the need to know a sense of belonging with God and not just believe in God By Dan & Claire Maudhub - Jubilee Church [19.06.15]
Liz DumainLiving Beyond
By Liz Dumain - The Church Of England Birmingham [12.06.15]
Matt SummerfieldThe Myth Of Control
Matt Summerfield reflects on our relationship with control and our relationship with God. [05.06.15]
Jeff CuttsLosing Life To Gain It
Jeff Cutts reflects on what true success looks like as a disciple [29.05.15]
Cathy MadavanGrumble Or Grateful?
Cathy Madavan reflects on the need for us to stop complaining [22.05.15]
Glyn BarrettFaith In God
Glyn Barrett reflects on the difference between 'faith in' God and 'faith for' things. [15.05.15]
Jim LoweHoly Spirit And Pentecost
Jim Lowe considers the importance of remaining excited about God and the adventure he holds [08.05.15]
David KramerWhen The Going Gets Tough
David Kramer reflects on where we need to go when we are going through hard times [01.05.15]
Josiah ParrSalt And Light
Josiah Parr considers how to express salt and light as a Christian [24.04.15]

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