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Dale ElandLet Your Light Shine
Dale Eland considers how Christians should use social media. [28.10.16]
Nik HookeyWhat Is So Special About God's Name?
Nik Hookey considers the meaning of God's name YHWH and what it reveals of His nature. [21.10.16]
Tim LucasWith Life Comes Mess. With Jesus Comes Love.
Tim Lucas considers Jesus' love in the midst of the mess of life. [14.10.16]
Carl BelcherGrowing Up Versus Growing Old
Carl Belcher considers the importance of childlikeness in spiritual maturity. [07.10.16]
Jim LoweDealing With Stress
Jim Lowe reflects on how Jesus helps us when we are stressed. [30.09.16]
Glyn BarrettHe Came As He Did So You Can Come As You Are
Glyn Barrett considers Jesus' birth and what we can learn from it. [23.09.16]
Josiah ParrStarting Badly Doesn't Mean Failure
Josiah Parr reflects on the lessons that can be learned through our mistakes. [16.09.16]
Mike DaviesThe Power Of Words
Mike Davies considers the importance of speaking positively. [02.09.16]
Deborah MitchellWalking In The Authority Of A Son
Deborah Mitchell considers the spiritual authority we have as God's sons. [26.08.16]
David KramerThe First And Last Adam
David Kramer reflects on who Adam was, what Adam and Jesus did and what it means for us. [19.08.16]

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