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Josiah ParrEnjoying A Rainbow While Not Liking The Rain
Josiah Parr reflects on who God is and what He offers us, in a world that often causes us to grieve. [03.03.17]
Mike DaviesExpect The Unexpected
Mike Davies reflects on how God often does the unexpected. [24.02.17]
Deborah MitchellGood News
Deborah Mitchell considers the good news that is found in Jesus. [17.02.17]
David KramerAre You An Unbelieving Believer?
David Kramer reflects on our ability as Christians to have both belief and unbelief in our hearts. [10.02.17]
Alistair JohnsonBuild Bridges Not Walls
Ali Johnson reflects on the importance of reaching out to people across the divides of politics, religion and finance. By Alistair Johnson - Swanbank [03.02.17]
Ben DoggettWe Love Because He Loved Us First
Ben Doggett reflects on what the love of a father looks like. [27.01.17]
David HellyerFinding God's Perspective On Devil's Dyke
David Hellyer reflects on the importance of relying on God's Spirit, rather than our own strength. [12.01.17]
Suzie BrockPlans And Paths
Suzie Brock considers the importance of following God and His path for our lives. [06.01.17]
Steve GambillChristmas: A Season Of New Beginnings
Steve Gambill reflects on the true reason for the season. [21.12.16]
Nick WelfordCreating Chasms Rather Than Building Bridges Of Relationship
Nick Welford reflects on the story of Lazarus and the rich man. [16.12.16]

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