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Liz DumainJesus The Hope Of The World
Liz Dumain reflects on where true hope can be found. [12.12.16]
Jeff CuttsFinding Strength In God
Jeff Cutts exhorts us to turn to God in our difficulties. [01.12.16]
Matt SummerfieldWhat Does Godly Leadership Look Like?
Matt Summerfield considers a leaders ability to follow, serve and love. [25.11.16]
Mark ScholtzDealing With The Enemy
Mark Scholtz reflects on the life of Samson and what we can learn from how he overcame the enemy. [18.11.16]
Tim BartonLiberal Or Religious, Do We Have To Choose?
Tim Barton reflects on how to engage with an increasingly liberal culture. [11.11.16]
Matt WilloughbyDeveloping The Fruits Of The Spirit In Busyness
By Matt Willoughby - Potters Church [04.11.16]
Dale ElandLet Your Light Shine
Dale Eland considers how Christians should use social media. [28.10.16]
Nik HookeyWhat Is So Special About God's Name?
Nik Hookey considers the meaning of God's name YHWH and what it reveals of His nature. [21.10.16]
Tim LucasWith Life Comes Mess. With Jesus Comes Love.
Tim Lucas considers Jesus' love in the midst of the mess of life. [14.10.16]
Carl BelcherGrowing Up Versus Growing Old
Carl Belcher considers the importance of childlikeness in spiritual maturity. [07.10.16]

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