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Darren RoyKnowing Eternal Life
Darren Roy reflects on the difference between knowing information about God and knowing Him in personal relationship. [19.05.17]
Valerie ElliotSeeking God And Finding Me
Valerie Elliot shares personal reflections on how she found who she was, as she sought relationship with God. [12.05.17]
Mark ScholtzBaggage Drop
Mark Scholtz considers the importance of getting rid of everything that can hinder us in the pursuit of our destiny. [05.05.17]
Jessica SimmLiving Monday To Friday What We Live On Sunday
Jessica Simm shares candidly about the importance of living our faith in the whole of our lives and not just at church. [28.04.17]
Andre von MollendorffTurning Point
Andre von Mollendorff considers what is required to see a turning in our circumstances. [20.04.17]
Dale ElandDeath And Resurrection
Dale Eland reflects on the enemy's tactics and God's bigger plan. [13.04.17]
Nik HookeyWho Or What Should We Be Examining When We Come To Communion?
Nik Hookey brings understanding to 1 Corinthians 11:17-34, which is all about taking communion, or the Lord's Supper. [07.04.17]
Tim LucasUnresolved Lament
Tim Lucas reflects on suffering. [31.03.17]
Carl BelcherYour Identity Determines Your Activity
Carl Belcher considers the importance of becoming a new creation. [24.03.17]
Jim LoweSacrifice In Our Relationship With God
Jim Lowe shares lessons he's learned. [17.03.17]

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