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Zara GandonWhy Exercise Is Important
Zara Gandon considers how we can honour and worship God through getting fit and healthy. [13.07.18]
Paul CalvertFake News Versus Real News
Paul Calvert looks at good news stories from Bethlehem, and the importance of giving to your local community. [06.07.18]
Darren RoyDiscovering What God Has Called You To
Darren Roy shares what God has taught him through Proverbs 3:5-6. [29.06.18]
Valerie ElliotReflections On Psalm 139
Valerie Elliot meditates on scripture to help us find faith and joy. [22.06.18]
Andre von MollendorffThe Importance Of Soft Skills For Young People
Andre von Mollendorff on why everyone should develop people skills and not just educational ability. [15.06.18]
Dale ElandA Soft Answer
Dale Eland considers how to best deal with situations that make us angry. [08.06.18]
Nik HookeyDiscovering The Truth About Heaven
Nik Hookey looks at popular beliefs and what the Bible actually says. [01.06.18]
Tim LucasRepresenting Jesus To Those Around You
Tim Lucas exhorts us to get close to the people and places around us, and not try to reach them from afar. [24.05.18]
Carl BelcherFacing The Impossible
Carl Belcher encourages us to stop looking inward, but rather look upward, for our resource to face the impossible. [18.05.18]
Jim LoweResting In God
Jim Lowe shares how he's found fulfilment through learning to trust and rest in God. [11.05.18]

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