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Nick WelfordIs God Good All The Time?
Nick Welford challenges our understanding of God's goodness. [01.07.16]
Liz DumainGod Calls Us Home
Liz Dumain reflects on a God who welcomes us with open arms, no matter what. [24.06.16]
Jeff CuttsWalking In Step With God
Jeff Cutts reflects on the importance of walking in agreement with God. [17.06.16]
Matt SummerfieldEmbrace Your New Name And Identity
Matt Summerfield reflects on the meaning of the white stone that Jesus gives to those who are victorious. [10.06.16]
Mark ScholtzAbsolute Truth In A World Of Relative Truth
Mark Scholtz asserts that the message of the Gospel mustn't be altered. [03.06.16]
John CookHow Do Young People 'stick It Out' As Christians?
John Cook considers what being a Christian really is. [26.05.16]
Andre von MollendorffConnected Yet Disconnected
Andre von Mollendorff considers the importance of building honest and deep relationships. [20.05.16]
Dale ElandSaplings Sown
Mathew 13:31-34 By Dale Eland - Siyakholwa Development Foundation [11.05.16]
Nik HookeyCrossing Boundaries For The Kingdom Of God
Nik Hookey reflects on the limitations we put on ourselves and God in sharing the Good News. [29.04.16]
Tim LucasThe Stench Of Worship
Tim Lucas considers what true worship looks like. [22.04.16]

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