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Paul CalvertCitizenship
Paul Calvert reflects on the unity we can live in, when we recognise that our primary citizenship is in heaven. [05.01.18]
James GandonThe Light Of The World
James Gandon reflects on who Jesus is as the light of the world this Christmas time. [22.12.17]
Ibby OkeLiving For Christ
Ibby Oke helps us to examine what we're living for. [15.12.17]
Gideon OpaluwaWhat Do You Live For?
Gideon Opaluwa considers how we can find the answer to the question of why we're here. [08.12.17]
Zara GandonGrowing In Stature Before Man
Zara Gandon reflects on the importance of having a good reputation. [01.12.17]
Matt WilloughbyWorshipping God Every Day
Matt Willoughby reflects on the importance of hoping in Jesus, rather than a holiday, or other escapes. [24.11.17]
Darren RoyGod's Love Language
Darren Roy considers how we can show God we love Him. [17.11.17]
Valerie ElliotWrapping Up The Year In Peace
Valerie Elliot considers how to finish the year well, with reflections on Philippians 4:6-8. [10.11.17]
Tim MurrayReform Comes From The Margins
Tim Murray considers the vital contribution made by those on the margins in church. [27.10.17]
Andre von MollendorffFive Factors Influencing This Generation
Andre von Mollendorff considers five of the main factors affecting young people today. [20.10.17]

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