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Dave SimpsonGet The Speck Out Of Your Eye
Dave Simpson on stopping judging people and starting to set them free instead. [03.05.19]
Hannah LattySpeaking Out The Heavenly Reality Of Situations
Hannah Latty on the creative power of sound. [26.04.19]
Chris MountfordEmbracing The New
Chris Mountford on the importance of accepting the changes God brings. [19.04.19]
Mark ScholtzGod's Ambassadors
Mark Scholtz unpacks what being Christ's ambassador means, and shares his reflections on the Church as Jesus' embassy. [12.04.19]
Tracy WilliamsonCelebrating Who God Made Me To Be
Tracy Williamson on rejecting the lies we believe about ourselves and being confident in who God says we are. [05.04.19]
James GandonOur Identity Is In Christ
James Gandon on what being a child of God means. [29.03.19]
Gideon OpaluwaValuing The Number Of Our Days
Gideon Opaluwa on living with purpose. [22.03.19]
Zara GandonChoosing An Attitude Of Gratitude
Zara Gandon on the importance of choosing not to complain, but rather to look at what you can be thankful for. [15.03.19]
Paul CalvertFollowing God's Vision For Your Life
Paul Calvert share's his story of how he ended up living in Israel. [08.03.19]
Darren RoyThe Book About You
Darren Roy on discovering God's perfect plan for your life. [01.03.19]

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