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M A S Collective
M Pire (now known as Perahia, Joshua)
M, Addi
M, Ash
M-Ocean (now known as Gethsemane Rose)
M.E.R.C.Y Lead (now known as Houston Band, Mark)
Ma V Elle
Mableton Church Of God Youth Singers
Mac, Danny
Mac, Jamie
MacAlmon, Terry
Macarion (discontinued)
MacArthur, Marcel
Macaskill, Grant (discontinued)
Macaulay, Dan
Macaulay, Matthew
Macaulay, Roland
Maccabees (now known as Dissident Prophet)
MacClure, Steve
Macdonald, Rachel
MacDonald, Shona
MacDonalds, The
MacDonough, Harry
MacDougall, Beau
MacEwan, William (discontinued)
Macey Mac
Macfarlane, Doug
MacGregor, Corrie
MacGregor, Joanna
MacGregor, Malcolm
Machin, Doris
Machuel, Thierry
MacInnis, Kenny
MacIntosh, Sarah
MacIntyre, Scott
Mack 10
Mack The Coffee Man (now known as Movies With Heroes)
Mack, Kelly
Mack, Kenny, & The Soul Searchers
Mackall, Brother Elmer
Mackay, Tommie
MacKenzie Cooke (discontinued)
MacKenzie Dunn, Judy
Mackenzie, Adelaide
Mackenzie, Alistair
Mackenzie, Judy (now known as MacKenzie Dunn, Judy)
MacKenzie, Maurice
Mackie, Peter
MacLean, Bryan (discontinued)
Maclean, Dara
Maclean, Don
Maclean, Marguerite
MacLennan, David A
Macleod, Donnie Murdo
Macleod, Steph
MacMillan, James
Mad At The World
Mad City Worship
Madd Prophetz
Maddiver, Mick
Maddock, Neil
Maddock, Pete
Maddox Brothers & Sister Rose, The (discontinued)
Maddox, Dennis
Maddox, Rose (discontinued)
Maddux, David
Madeira, Phil
Maduka, KC
Mafunga, Diva
Magan, Julius
Magdallan (now known as Magdalen)
Magee, Len
Magic & Bird
Magic City Gospel Singers (discontinued)
Magic City Rhythm Kings (discontinued)
Magill, Helen
Magirescu, Greg
Magnetics, The (discontinued)
Magnificent Majestic Male Choir Of Atlanta, GA (discontinued)
Magnuson, Charles
Magnusson, Andre
Mahairas, Tom (discontinued)
Maharaj, Rev Jim
Maher, Matt
Mahler, Michael
Maia Choirs, The
Maidens IV
Maidens IV
Maier, Walter A
Maile, Steve
Maillard, Jean (discontinued)
Maimoh, Myra
Main Line Riders
Maina, Ed
Mains, Mike, & The Branches
Mains, Rolin
Mainstage Collective
Mainstage Collective
Majestic Ensemble Of Baltimore, Maryland
Majestic Myvians
Majestic Singers (discontinued)
Majestic Singers
Majesty (discontinued)
Majesty (discontinued)
Major Rising
Majors, Jeff
Mak, Will (discontinued)
Makeshift 3
Makower, Will (now known as Mak, Will)
Malachi (discontinued)
Malachia (discontinued)
Malawi Mouse Boys
Malchak, Tim
Malcolm & Alwyn
Malcolm & The Mirrors (discontinued)
Malcolm, Steven
Malcolm, Wayne
Male Vocal Quartet
Male Voice Praise (discontinued)
Male Voice Praise Festival
Mali Music
Malik, Jelani
Malin, Miguel
Malina, Terrence John James (discontinued)
Malinich, J
Mall, Pastor Ernest
Mallah, Tony
Mallett, Dave
Mallett, Mark
Mallonee, Bill
Malloy, Donald
Malloy, Travis
Malm, Tomi
Malmberg, David (discontinued)
Malone, Vocab
Malool, Greg (discontinued)
Malope, Rebecca
Malvey, Lori
Mama Lou & The Avant Singers
Mammoth City Messengers
Mamon & Mamon
Mamou, Jimmy (discontinued)
Man Of Faith
Man Of War
Man, The
Manasseh (discontinued)
Manchester Children's Choir
Manchester Citadel Band
Manchester Gospel Choir
Manchester Vineyard
Mandate, The
Mandrell, Barbara
Manevich, Leonard
Manger Musikklag
Mango, Jo
Manic Bloom
Manic Drive
Manifest Destiny, The (discontinued)
Manion, Tim
Manley, Jim (discontinued)
Manley, Keith (discontinued)
Manley, Wendy
Mann Singers, Johnny
Mann, Bill (discontinued)
Mann, Bobby Jo
Mann, Eddy
Mann, Geoff (discontinued)
Mann, Lynn
Mann, Tamela
Mann, Tim
Manna (discontinued)
Manna (discontinued)
Manna (discontinued)
Manna (discontinued)
Manna (discontinued)
Manna (discontinued)
Manna (discontinued)
Manna (discontinued)
Manner Doppel Quartett
Mannheim Steamroller
Manning Jackson, Madeline
Manning Sungers, Ray
Manning, Bishop
Manning, Sarah
Mannix Collective, The
Manor House String Quartet
Mansfield Howard Kaiser
Mansfield, Darrell
Mansfield, John
Mantis, The
Mantovani And His Orchestra
Manuel Family Band
Manuel, Kareem
Manuelle, Jose
Manx Girls Choir
Many, The
Manyeruke, Machanic
Maphis, Joe
Maphis, Rose Lee And Joe
Mara, Caroline
Maranatha (discontinued)
Maranatha Choir, The
Maranatha Community, The
Maranatha Junior Singers (discontinued)
Maranatha Latin
Maranatha Men's Chorus
Maranatha Strings (now known as Instrumental Praise)
Maranatha! Kids, The
Maranatha! Music
Marathon Worship
Marazion Apollo Male Choir
Marble Sanctuary Choir
Marcelino, Kaytha
Marcellino Navarro
Marcello, Benedetto (discontinued)
March For Jesus
March, Andrew & Sherri
March, Gerald
Marchionda, James V (discontinued)
Marco, Anton
Marco, Anton
Marcus (discontinued)
Marcus, Andrew
Margiotta, Michelle
Mari, Leah
Marian Consort, The
Marianne, Mia
Marie, Donna
Marilyn & Carol (now known as Baker, Marilyn)
Mariners, The (discontinued)
Marino, Frank, And Mahogany Rush
Mario And The Healing Touch
Marion And David
Mariposa Trust, The
Marji (discontinued)
Mark & Dave
Mark & Diane (now known as Hawaiians, The)
Mark & Stephanie (discontinued)
Mark 2 (discontinued)
Mark Hall, Pam
Mark Ingleby's Jazz Directive
Mark Of Time, The (discontinued)
Mark Spratt
Mark Two (discontinued)
Mark White Band
Mark, David S
Mark, Don
Mark, Donald S
Mark, Justin
Mark, Robin
Markee Band, Dave
Markee, Dave
Markee, Jessi
MarketHill High School
Markey, George
Markin, Johnny
Markko, Joe
Marklew, Michael
Marks Vincent, Laurie
Marks, Kenny
Marksmen, The
Markus Egger
Marky D
Marlatt, Craig
Marlow Brass Ensemble
Marney, Carlyle
Marnoch, Ray (discontinued)
Maroons, The (discontinued)
Marquis, Kathryn
Marriott, Chad
Marriott, Paul
Marrow, Queen Esther
Mars Ill
Marsden Silver Prize Band
Marsden, Karen
Marsh, Don
Marsh, Fergus
Marsh, Kathy
Marsha & Gunnar (discontinued)
Marshall, Bethan
Marshall, Dre
Marshall, Dusty
Marshall, Emory, & The Perfection And Peace Chorale
Marshall, Joi
Marshall, Louise (discontinued)
Marshall, Michael
Marshall, Peter
Marshall, Richard
Marshall, Stephen
Marshall, Willie, & 1 Accord
Marshallettes Trio, The
Marshmallettes Trio, The
Marstin And The Revelators
Mart & Dawes
Mart, Gavin
Martel (now known as Martel, Marc)
Martel, Germaine
Martel, Marc (now known as Martel)
Martell, Lena
Martha Jean
Martha's Trouble
Martha's Wake
Martin & Gill
Martin Family
Martin Singers (discontinued)
Martin Singers, Roberta
Martin Singers, Sallie
Martin's Favor
Martin, Andrew
Martin, Brian, & Worship 4 Life
Martin, Charlotte
Martin, Cora
Martin, David
Martin, David L
Martin, Fred, & The Levite Camp
Martin, Gary & Renee
Martin, Gene
Martin, Isabell
Martin, Israel, & GUP
Martin, Jennifer
Martin, Jimmy
Martin, Jonathan
Martin, Jonathan & Emily
Martin, Joyce
Martin, Lara
Martin, LaRhonda D
Martin, Logan
Martin, Min Marty
Martin, Rich
Martin, Sallie
Martin, Sally (discontinued)
Martin, Stan
Martinborough, John
Martindale, Anne
Martinez, Gabriel
Martinez, Gregg
Martinez, Jim
Martini, Jean Paul Egide (discontinued)
Martino, Joanna
Martins, The
Marturion (discontinued)
Marty & Brown
Martyrs Of Yemen, The
Marvane, Matt
Marvanne, Rhema
Marvell, James
Marxus Nexus
Mary & The Disciples (discontinued)
Mary In The River
Mary Jayne
Mary Mary
Mary Said
Mary's Den
Marz Jukebox
Marzella, Katrina
Masen, Sarah
Masih, Gopal
Masih, Majeed
Maskil (discontinued)
Mason Band, Bill
Mason Summers
Mason, Babbie
Mason, Charlotte
Mason, Daniella
Mason, Erica
Mason, Gary
Mason, Keith
Mason, Laverna
Mason, Lowell
Mason, Taylor
Masonic Travelers
Masri, Mark
Mass Anthem
Mass Media, The (discontinued)
Mass Syndicate
Massed Male Voice Choirs Of North Wales, The
Massel Klezmorim
Massey, Micah
Massey, Shelly
Massey, Steve
Master Design (discontinued)
Master Keys, The (discontinued)
Master Singers, The
Master's Lantern (discontinued)
Master's Promise
Master's Quartet, The
Master's Touch
Masterpeace Quartet
Masters Chorale, The
Masters Family, The
Masters Five
Masters Of The Royal Chapel, Lisbon
Masters, Dana
Mastersingers, The
Masterworks Of Worship
Masuku, Khaleb
Matchless Grace
Material, The
Mathai, Elizabeth Ann
Mathes, Rob
Mathetai (discontinued)
Mathew, Tara
Mathews Family, John
Mathis, Country Johnny
Mathis, Mark
Matl, Tyler
Matt & Micah
Matt & Toby
Mattea, Kathy
Matthew Party, The
Matthews Brothers Quartet, The (discontinued)
Matthews, Ali
Matthews, Erick
Matthews, Erin
Matthews, Gareth
Matthews, Ian And Chava
Matthews, Kyle
Matthews, Lawrence
Matthews, Lorne & Jimmie
Matthews, Marvin
Matthews, Randy
Matthews, Rev James
Matthews, Rodney
Matthews, Taylor And Johnson
Matthews, William
Mattson, Dave
Maucher, Karen
Mauga, Tyler
Mauldin, Russell
Maurice Crane
Maury & The West
Mavimba, Tino (now known as Tino Michelle)
Mawby, Colin
Max (now known as Pagnam, Marcus)
Max, Kevin
Maxey, Sister Ida
Maxine & The Majestic Singers (now known as Majestic Singers)
Maxwell Davies, Sir Peter
Maxwell, Arthur S
May Harvey
May, Brother Joe
May, Charles
May, Chris
May, Iain
May, Paul
May, Paul Blues Band
Maybe I'm Dreaming (discontinued)
MAYC Orchestra & Singers
Maye, Neresa
Mayer, Matt
Mayers, David S
Mayers, Lisa
Mayes, Gary
Mayfair Laundry
Mayfield, Larry
Mayhams, Norridge, & The Blue Chips (discontinued)
Mayhew, Christine
Mayhew, Hannah
Mayhew, Kevin
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
Mayo, Andy
Mayor, Roger
Mayr, Simon (discontinued)
Mays, George
Mays, Javis
Mays, Rev Oris
Mazelle, Kym
Mazivisa, Obert
Mbassi, Coco
Mbong, Francoise
Mc Dash
MC Ge Gee
MC Hammer
MC Jin
MC Tempo
McAfee, Donna
McAfee, John and Joan
McAfee, Terry
McAlees, Alistair
McAllen, Pete (now known as Pyramid Park)
McAllister Family, The (discontinued)
McAllister, Judith Christie
McAllister, Mark
McAllisters, The
McArdle, George
McArthur, Helen
McArthur, Jerry
McAtamney, David
McBrayer, Jody
McBride, Dan
McBride, Joe
MCC (discontinued)
McCabe, Sam
McCabe, Sam & Samantha
McCabe, Terry
McCaffrey, Andrea
McCall, Jeremy
McCall, Lem
McCall, Marty
McCammon, Eugene
McCann, Andy
McCann, Susan
McCarroll, Andy
McCarter, Katelyn
McCarthy (discontinued)
McCarthy, Esther
McCarver, Cody
McCaul, Lindsay
McChlery, Matt
McChrystal, Gerald
McClain, Mighty Sam
McClanahann, Morgann
McClard, Leroy
McClarney, Chris
McClary, Thomas
McClearn, Capria
McCleary, Evelyn
McClellan-Akers Singers Of Kansas City, Missouri (discontinued)
McClelland, Gerry (discontinued)
McClelland, Harry
McClelland, Harry
McClendon, Bishop Clarence E
McClendon, Debbie
McClendon, Lisa
McCloud, Arther Lee (discontinued)
McCloud, Arthur Lee (discontinued)
McCloud, Caspar
McClung Lewis, Dorothy
McClung, Denise
McClure, Carol
McClure, John (discontinued)
Mcclure, Maggie
McClure, Therlo, And The Believers
McClurg Brothers, The
McClurkin Project, The
McClurkin, Donnie
McClurkin-Mellini, Andrea
McCollister, Connie
McComb, Judy
McComb, Liz
McConnaughie, Steve
McConnell, Chuck
McConnell, Frank
McCoo, Marilyn
McCord, Louise
McCormack, John (discontinued)
McCormack, Peter Dodds (discontinued)
McCormick Gospel Singers, The (now known as McCormicks, The)
McCormicks, The
McCoury Band, Del
McCoury Brothers, The
McCoy, Andrew & Emily
McCoy, Charlie
McCoy, Darlene
McCoy, Lamont
McCoy, Matt
McCoy, Minister Marvin
McCoy, Red
McCoy, Steve
McCoy, Terrance
McCoy, Wendell
McCracken, Jarrell (discontinued)
McCracken, Robert J
McCracken, Sandra
McCrae, Gwen
McCrary Sisters, The
McCrary, Ann
McCrary, Howard
McCrarys, The
McCrea, Rev William
McCrimmon, Ricky
McCrystal, Eamonn
McCubbins Family, The
McCulla, Paula
McCulloch, Ian
McCullough, Forrest
McCullough, Larry, & CG
McCullough, Raymond
McCullough, Rev Jackie
McDaniel, Betty
McDaniel, Bishop Eric
McDerment, Lee
McDermott, Michael
McDonald Orchestra, The Chris
McDonald Sisters, The
McDonald, Ivory
McDonald, Jim
McDonald, Jimmie (discontinued)
McDonald, Richie
McDonald, Shawn
McDonald, Timothy
McDonnell, Riki
McDougal, Greg (discontinued)
McDougall, Lorna
McDowell, Dawn
McDowell, Gary
McDowell, Mississippi Fred (discontinued)
McDowell, Raymond (discontinued)
McDowell, William
McDuff Brothers
McDuff, Coleman
McDuff, Roger
McDuffey, Derrick
McDuffie, Tim
McElroy, Donna
McEntire, Reba
McFadden Singers (discontinued)
McFadden, Darrell, & The Disciples
McFadden, Kevin & Redeemed
McFarland, Billy (discontinued)
McFarland, Clinton
McFarland, Kim
McFarland, Terri
McFarlane, Will
McFarlin, Marcus
McFerrin, Bobby
McGaha, Rod
McGann, Mary
McGeachy, Sara
McGee And Me
McGee, Barry (discontinued)
McGee, Dr J Vernon
McGee, Matt
McGee, Rev F W (discontinued)
McGhee, Brother Louis (discontinued)
McGill, Alan
McGill, Jennifer
McGill, Tony
McGlamery, Devin
McGlasson, Melinda
McGlynn, D B
McGrath, Geoffrey
McGrath, Sister Roberta (discontinued)
McGrath, Suni (discontinued)
McGraw, Tim
McGreggor, Malcolm
McGregor, Frank
McGregor, Malcolm
McGregory Family, The
McGregory, Steve
McGrew, Shereka
McGruder Trio, Carroll (now known as McGruders, The)
McGruders, The
McGuire (now known as McGuire's Heaven's Connection, Dony)
McGuire's Heaven's Connection, Dony (discontinued)
McGuire, Barry
McGuire, Dony
McGuire, Margie
McHenry, John
McHugh, Larry (discontinued)
McHugh, Madalyn
McHugh, Phill
McInnis, Adam
McIntosh Ross
McIntosh, Denes
McIntosh, Ian
McIvor, Neil
McKameys, The
McKay, Bob
McKay, Franklin
McKay, John
McKay, Matthew-James
McKay, Pastor
McKechnie, Linda
McKee, Heidi
McKee, Jeff
McKee, Leslie
McKee, Maria
McKee, Mary
McKee, Mary, & The Genesis
McKee, Miles And Gillian
McKeithens, The (discontinued)
McKellar, Helen Jayne
McKellar, Kenneth
McKeller, Roo
McKenzie, Bruce
McKenzie, Doc
McKenzie, Maurice
McKenzie, Michael A
McKenzie, Walt
McKenzie-Prokop Band (discontinued)
McKeown, Susan
McKinlay, Allan
McKinlay, Bob
McKinney Mastro, Maura (discontinued)
McKinney, Rev E L
McKinnis, Jason (discontinued)
McKissick Jr, Pastor Rudolph
McLaren, Brian
McLaughlin, Jon
McLaughlin, Victoria
McLaurie, Duncan
McLaurine, Mary
McLean, Bryan (discontinued)
McLean, Denis
McLean, James C, & The Bethlehem Singers (discontinued)
McLean, Jessica
McLean, Julie
McLean, Rev Charles
McLean, Steve
McLean, Steve And The Chase
McLeary, Noel
McLellan, Vernon
McLemore, Shawn, And New Image
McLeod, Betty
McLeod, Chris
McLeod, Mark (discontinued)
McLester, Richard
McLoughlin, Noel
McLuhan Project, The Marshall
McMahan, Janet
McManus, Father Columba (discontinued)
McManus, Matt
McManus, Sister Rita (discontinued)
McManus, Steve
McMartin, Danny
McMaster, Caroline
McMaster, Ian
McMasters, Robert and Margaret
McMeekin, Carol
McMeen, El
McMillan, CoCo
McMillan, Dwayne
McMillan, John Mark
McMillan, Michael
McMillan, Terry
McMordie, Paul (discontinued)
McMurray, Debi
McNeal, Jessi
McNease, Heath
McNeil, Dr Moses
McNichol, Evelyn
McNichols, Dean
McNiel, Jim
McNight, Brian
McNutt, Claire
McPeek, Brenden, And The Soul Reformation
McPhee, George
McPheeters, Charles
McPherson, Matt & Sherry
McQuade, Victor
McQueen, Coretta
McQueen, Gemma
McQuitty, Marvin (discontinued)
McRae, Drew
McRae, Kelley
McReynolds, Jonathan
McRobbie, Donald (discontinued)
McRoberts, Justin
McSpadden, Gary
McSweeney, John
McVay, Lewis
McVey, Kelly-Lynn
McVicker, Mitch
MD (now known as Maybe I'm Dreaming)
MD Choir
MDD (now known as Modern Day David)
MDR Choir And Orchestra
Me In Motion
Mead, Sister Janet
Mead, Steven
Meade, Bazil
Meade, Eugene
Meadowlands Corps Band
Meadowlark Singers
Meadows, Ron
Meadows, Travis
Mealor, Paul
Meaney, Timothy James
Mear, Pete
Medals (discontinued)
Medas, Samuel
Medeiros, Mr J
Medema, Ken
Medical Mission Sisters
Medical Missionaries Of Mary Choral Group
Medici Quartet, The
Medina, Jme
Meditation Singers (discontinued)
Meditations, The
Medley, Bill
Medway, Chris
Meece, David
Meecham, Ross
Meehan, Johnny
Meek, Rosie
Meekins, Tommy
Meeks, The
Meet Jesus Music
Meeuwsen, Terry
Megginson Female Quartette (discontinued)
Meggs, Gary
Meha Shamayim
Mehl, Rob
Mehler, John
Mehler, John, And Kenneth Nash
Melanesian Brothers
Melani, Caroline
Melbourne Staff Band Of The Salvation Army
Melbourne Staff Songsters, The
Melendez, Tony
Melia, Steve
Mellor, Vikki
Mellotones (discontinued)
Mellow-D's, The
Melody Four Quartet, The
Melody Kings Of Los Angeles
Melodyaires, The
Melodyaires, The
Melton, Carol (discontinued)
Melvin & Truth, Ed
Members Of The Girl Guides Association
Memphis Choir
Memphis Gospel Singers (now known as Spirit Of Memphis)
Memphis Harmonizers, The
Memphis May Fire
Men 4 Christ
Men O' Brass
Men Of God's Heart
Men Of Music
Men Of Music (discontinued)
Men Of Standard
Men With Sticks
Men's Chorus
Men's Voices In Worship
Mended Wings
Mendelson, Susan
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix (discontinued)
Mendes, Ari
Mendis, Nimal
Menlove, John
Mennonite Hour Singers
Mennonite Men's Choir
Menotti, Gian Carlo (discontinued)
Mensah, Ebi
Mensah, Sam & Juliana
Menzies Farrant, Stuart
Merbabies, The
Mercer, Chris
Mercer, Rob
Merchant Band
Merchants Of Sidewinder
Mercy (discontinued)
Mercy Mercy (discontinued)
Mercy Miles
Mercy River
Mercy River Boys
Mercy Rule
Mercy Screams
Mercy Seat, The
Mercy Vineyard
Mercy Vineyard, Southampton
Mercy's Well
Mere Messengers
Mere Messengers
Meredith, Clive
Meredith, Jeremy, & Scott Dunbar (discontinued)
Meredith, Skatman
Merle And Roy
Merrett, Melissa
Merritt, Bishop Andrew, & The Straight Gate Mass Choir
Merritt, Nigel
Merrybell Choir (discontinued)
Merv And Merla (discontinued)
Mesi, Vincent (discontinued)
Mesiti, Pat
Message Of Mercy
Message, The
Messenger (discontinued)
Messenger (discontinued)
Messenger (discontinued)
Messenger Project, The
Messengers Of Peace, The
Messengers Of The Cross, The (discontinued)
Messengers, The (discontinued)
Messengers, The
Messengers, The
Messengers, The (discontinued)
Messengers, The (discontinued)
Messengers, The (discontinued)
Messengers, The
Messengers, The
Messengers, The (discontinued)
Messengers, The (discontinued)
Messer, Mike
Messiaen, Olivier
Messiah (discontinued)
Messiah Music (discontinued)
Messiah Prophet
Messiah's Messenger (discontinued)
Messiahs Of Glory
Messini, Rachael
Metallic Soap (discontinued)
Metallo, Alyce
Metanoia (discontinued)
Metcalf, H
Metro-Tones Of Atlanta, Georgia
Metropolitan Male Ensemble
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Metropolitan Tabernacle Choir
Mettrick, Tony
Meyer, Julie
Meyers, Krystal
Mezzo Piano
MG The Visionary
MH Eternal
Miami Mass Choir
MIC (discontinued)
Micah Challenge
Micah's Mile
Micelli, Rudy
Michael (discontinued)
Michael & Jan (discontinued)
Michael & Tamara (now known as Conlan, Michael & Tamara)
Michael DRIVE
Michael James
Michael Robert
Michael, Christopher
Michael, Trevor
Michaela, Cee Cee
Michaelis Constant (discontinued)
Michaels, Bobby
Michaels, Lazet
Michaels, Todd
Michaels, Tray
Michaux, Elder Lightfoot Solomon (discontinued)
Michel, Sean
Michelangelo And The Difference (now known as Michelangelo)
Michigan State Mass Choir, The
Mickels, Rev L C (discontinued)
Mickelson, Paul
Mickey & Becki
Mid Scotland Evangelical Choir (discontinued)
Mid South
Mid South Boys, The
Mid-Cities Worship
Mid-South Boys
Mid-South Singers (discontinued)
MidCentury Modern
Middle Clash
Middleton, Dave
Middleton, Hannah (discontinued)
Middleton, Paul
Middleton, Steve
Midnight Express
Midnight Oil
Midnight Orchestra
Midnight Sun
Mieir, Audrey (discontinued)
Miffleton, Jack (discontinued)
Mighty & Seyi
Mighty Angels
Mighty Bells Of Joy
Mighty Chords Of Joy Of Amityville, LI (discontinued)
Mighty Clouds Of Harmony, The
Mighty Clouds Of Joy, The
Mighty Fantastics (discontinued)
Mighty Flyers
Mighty Golden Tones, The
Mighty Gospel Giants, The (discontinued)
Mighty Gospel Travelers
Mighty Holy Light Gospel Singers
Mighty Indiana Travelers
Mighty Inspirations, The
Mighty Junior-Airs (discontinued)
Mighty Kings Of Harmony
Mighty Men Experience
Mighty Men Of Faith
Mighty Power (discontinued)
Mighty River
Mighty Sons Of Glory, The
Mighty Stars Of Harmony
Mighty Stars Of Prayer
Mighty Supreme Voices, The
Mighty Voices
Mighty Wonders
Mighty, Jason
Migrators, The
Mike And Lois (discontinued)
Mike Mike
Mike Miller
Mike On The Rock
Mikrut, Ed And Kim
Milanesa, James
Miles Bros Quartette, The (discontinued)
Miles Specials, The
Miles, Brea
Miles, Raymond
Miles, Rich
Military Voices
Mill Lane Gospel Choir
Millar Memorial Flute Band
Millar, Glenn
Millar, Roy
Millar, Sam
Millard, Bart
Millburn-Fryer, J H J
Millen, Dave
Miller, Alton
Miller, Benzion
Miller, Bill
Miller, Buddy
Miller, Buddy And Julie
Miller, Caleb
Miller, Clint
Miller, Conrad
Miller, Craig
Miller, Douglas
Miller, Heather
Miller, Jared
Miller, Jenn
Miller, Jim
Miller, Jimmy
Miller, Jody
Miller, Jonathan
Miller, Julie
Miller, Junior
Miller, Kate
Miller, Keith
Miller, Kris
Miller, Larry
Miller, Little Richard
Miller, Marie
Miller, Mark
Miller, Marty
Miller, Michael
Miller, Michael
Miller, Monae
Miller, Nick
Miller, Pam
Miller, Polk, & His South Quartette (discontinued)
Miller, Roy (discontinued)
Miller, Samuel
Miller, Samuel H
Miller, Sandra
Miller, Shirley
Miller, Stephen
Miller, Steve
Miller, Thomas
Millermon, Ginger
Millett, Rich
Millhuff, Chuck
Milligan, Debbie
Millionheirs, The
Millions & Millions
Mills, Betty Lou
Mills, Doyle
Mills, Joseph
Mills, Joshua
Mills, Julie
Mills, Kat
Mills, Kevin
Mills, Pat
Mills, Paul
Mills, Quinton
Mills, Sharon
Mills, Stephanie
Mills, Terry & Jackie
Mills, Walt
Milne, Ruth
Milner, Tim
Milnes, Sherrill
Milo Cho
Milsap, Ronnie
Milton, May
Milton, Michael
Mimms, Garnet
MIN Ensemble, The
Minchin, Jim (discontinued)
Mind Garage, The
Mind The Gap (discontinued)
Mindbender (now known as Erin Fall)
Minds Of Men
Mineo, Andy
Miner, Christopher
Miner, Kate
Miner, Tim
Minier, Dom, & La Schola
Minister Derell
Minister ID
Minister Martie
Minister RMB
Minister Stevie Tee (now known as King Stevian)
Minister Taf
Minister Victor
Minister Zamar
Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesus
Ministers De-La-Funk
Ministers Of The Gospel
Ministry Of Defence
Mink, Len
Minnear, Kerry
Minnich, Gay (discontinued)
Minor Detail
Minor, Derek
Minteeer, Deborah
Minteer, Daniel
Minter, Kelly
Minter, Marilyn
Minto, Trevor
Miracle Man, The Rev Clayton Johnson
Miracle Mass Choir
Miracle Max
Miralles, Joe
Mirfin Band, The Paul
Miscellaneous, The
Misic City Mass Choir And Friends
Miss Angie
Miss Daisy Blue
Miss Kirsten
Miss Kristin
Miss PattyCake
Missing Image
Missing Jane
Missing Link (discontinued)
Mission 6
Mission Blues
Mission England Praise (now known as Mission Praise)
Mission Folk, The (discontinued)
Mission France
Mission Of Mercy (discontinued)
Mission One (discontinued)
Mission Praise (discontinued)
Mission Scotland
Mission Singers, The (discontinued)
Mission Six
Mission Street Salvation Band, The (discontinued)
Mission Worship
Mission, The (discontinued)
Missionary Men
Mississauga Temple Band Of The Salvation Army
Mississippi Children's Choir
Mississippi Marvel
Mississippi Mass Choir
Mississippi Nightingales, The
Mississippi Seminar Group, The
Missouri-Pacific Diamond Jubilee Quartette (discontinued)
Mister Keith
Mitch & Allen
Mitch, Robi
Mitchell Band, Phil
Mitchell Singers, The George (discontinued)
Mitchell's Christian Singers
Mitchell, Alda Denise
Mitchell, Andrew
Mitchell, Beverley
Mitchell, Billy
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Dawne (discontinued)
Mitchell, DJ Kenny
Mitchell, Dwight
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Mitchell, Ian (now known as Father Ian & Caroline)
Mitchell, June
Mitchell, Kaleb
Mitchell, Kathryn
Mitchell, Kenneth
Mitchell, Laverne
Mitchell, Lee
Mitchell, Liz
Mitchell, P K
Mitchell, Phil
Mitchell, Robin (now known as Mitch, Robi)
Mitchell, VaShawn
Mitchell, Vernessa
Mitchell, Willie
Mitchell-Innes, Christine
Mitchinson, Steve
Mitts, Lisa
Mixed Bag
Mixed Blessing (discontinued)
Mizo Choir, The
Mkd, Aaron
Mleczko, Dan
Mlls, Walt
Mnozil Brass
Mo'j Harry
Mobley, Roger (discontinued)
Model Engine
Modern Day Cure
Modern Day David
Modern Dissent
Modern Gospel Choir & Band
Modern Mission
Modern Post, The
Modest Attraction
Modular 7
Modulation (now known as Modular 7)
Modulations, The (discontinued)
Moe, Dan (discontinued)
Moe, Robert
Moen, Don
Moen, Wendi
Moffat, Kenny
Mogck, Dan (discontinued)
Mogli The Iceburg
Mohabir Sisters, The
Mohede, Sidney
Moir, Les
Mojica, Samuel
Mojo & The Info
Molensky, Andy
Moles, Rob
Molitor, Valentin (discontinued)
Molly & The Salt Shakers
Molton, Flora
MOM (now known as Minds Of Men)
Moment Of Truth, The (discontinued)
Moment, The
Momrelle, Tony
Monasterio Benedictino
Monastic Choir Of St Peter's Abbey
Mondaine, E D
Monday Band, The (discontinued)
Monday Morning
Monday, Frances, And Peter Campbell
Monday, Isabel
Monenes, The
Money, Karen
Monica's Joy Choir
Monique Lynelle
Monk & Neagle
Monk, Donny (discontinued)
Monk, Trent
Monkeys For Jesus, The (discontinued)
Monks Of Glenstal Abbey
Monks Of Norcia, The
Monks Of Parkminster
Monks Of Quarr Abbey
Monkwearmouth Christian Fellowship Band
Monmouthshire Massed Male Choir
Monopoly, Tony
Monroe, Bill
Monroe, Charlie
Monroe, Mel
Monroe, Mike (discontinued)
Montana, Vincente
Montanari, Ricky
Montclair Citadel Band
Monte Cassino (discontinued)
Montero, Danilo
Montes, Manny
Monteverdi Choir
Monteverdi, Claudio
Montgomery, Alice
Montisci, Albino
Montoyas, The (discontinued)
Monty, J
Moo, Mal V
Mood Swings, The
Mood, Kenneth
Moody Chorale
Moody Women's Glee Club
Moody, Dave
Moody, Ivan
Moody, James
Moody, Jeff
Moody, Jess
Moody, Kish
Moon Johnson, Sandra
Moon Junior
Moon Life
Moon, Chelsea
Moon, Derek
Moon, Hilary
Moon, Jacob
Moon, Tom
Moonraker (now known as Ries, Shane)
Moonrakers (discontinued)
Moore Band, Shelly
Moore, Abra
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Ben
Moore, Beverley
Moore, Cameron
Moore, Chandler
Moore, Chante
Moore, Danetra
Moore, Darnell
Moore, Dee
Moore, Dorothy
Moore, Ebony
Moore, Eneazer
Moore, Esther
Moore, Gene
Moore, Gene & Bobbie
Moore, Geoff
Moore, Geoff, & The Distance
Moore, Hugh
Moore, Hunter
Moore, Jerry
Moore, Jim (discontinued)
Moore, Jon
Moore, Kim
Moore, Kristi
Moore, Lewis
Moore, Lucinda
Moore, Mark
Moore, Matt
Moore, Melba
Moore, Ozay
Moore, Patsy
Moore, Philip
Moore, Rev C L
Moore, Rev Dwight 'Gatemouth'
Moore, Rev James (discontinued)
Moore, Ron
Moore, Ron David
Moore, Sam (now known as Samuel)
Moore, Tquan
Moore, W Speedy
Moore, Willie “P-Dub”
Moorhead, Verma L (discontinued)
Mor, Joi
Mora, A J
Moral Support
Moralee, Gavin, & Fiona Wight
Morales, Ed
Moran, Peter
Moran, Peter
Morant, Jason
Morden Baptist Church
More Or Less Five, The (discontinued)
More Than Conquerors
More Than Rubies
Morel INC
Morella's Forest
Moreno, Alvaro
Moreschi, Alessandro
Moreton, Cole
Morgan, Anabeth
Morgan, Bruce
Morgan, Cindy
Morgan, Keith
Morgan, Nita
Morgan, Rebecca
Morgan, Reuben
Morgan, Sister Gertrude
Morgan, Trevor
Morgan, Trish
Morgan, Tyrus
Morgan, Val (discontinued)
Morgan, Volney, & New-Ye
Morgan, Wess
Morganfield, Willie
Moriah (discontinued)
Morkore, Torkil
Morley, Bob (discontinued)
Morley, Faith
Morley, James Robinson
Morlid, Lars
Morning Chapel Choir
Morning Echoes Of Detroit, The (discontinued)
Morning Runner
Morning Song (discontinued)
Morning Star (discontinued)
Morning Star (discontinued)
Morning Stars, The
Morning State
Morning Sun, The
Morning Watch, The (now known as 'Joke)
Morningstar (discontinued)
Morningstar (discontinued)
Morningstar (discontinued)
Morningstar (discontinued)
Morpurgo, Michael
Morris's, The
Morris, Bud
Morris, David Lyle
Morris, Gentry
Morris, Greg
Morris, Jeff
Morris, Jeremy
Morris, Kay
Morris, Kris
Morris, Patrice
Morris, Sonny, & The Delta Jazz Band
Morrish, Susie
Morrison, Alan
Morrison, Dorothy
Morrison, James
Morrison, John
Morrison, Les
Morrison, Lorraine (discontinued)
Morrison, Norman Patrick
Morriss, Amy
Morriston Orpheus Choir
Morrow, Marvin
Morrow, Teddie
Morse, Neal
Mortal Treason
Mortimer, Harry, & The Cathedral Brass
Morton, Bishop C L (discontinued)
Morton, Bishop Paul S
Morton, Chris
Morton, P J
Morton, Pastor Debra
Morton, Reverend George-James (discontinued)
Morton, Tom
Mosaic MSC
Moses Band, Annie
Moses Gospel Singers (discontinued)
Moses Kitchen
Moses The Prophet
Moses, Agatha
Moshketeers, The
Mosley, Kenneth
Mosley, Raymond
Mosley, Rev W M (discontinued)
Moss Brothers, The (discontinued)
Moss Clark, Mattie
Moss Jr, Bill
Moss, Bill (discontinued)
Moss, Bill (discontinued)
Moss, Essie
Moss, George
Moss, Howard
Moss, J
Moss, James (now known as Moss, J)
Moss, Kevin
Mossburg, Anthony
Mossley Primary School
Mossvale Community Church
Mote, Gordon
Motherlode (discontinued)
Mothersill, Kerry, & Frank Lynch (discontinued)
Motor City Mass Choir
Motsenbocker, Tyson
Mott, Nick
Moult, Daniel
Mound City Jubilee Quartette (discontinued)
Mount Calvary Mass Choir, The
Mount Zion Baptist Quartet (discontinued)
Mount Zion Family Life Centre
Mountain Angel Band
Mountain Faith
Mountain Glory
Mountain Gospel Music (discontinued)
Mountain Heart
Mountain Orchestra
Mourad, Benjamin
Mourning September
Mousehole Male Voice Choir
Mouskouri, Nana (discontinued)
Mouth Of The South (now known as Rival Choir )
Movements, The
Movies CB, The
Movies With Heroes
Mowatt, Judy
Mox Files, The (now known as Moxon, Andrew)
Moxon, Andrew
Moye III, Roy
Moyer, Christopher
Moyrt, Tiffany
Mozart, W A (discontinued)
MP (Magnified Plaid)
Mpongwe Youth Choirs
Mr & Mrs Something
Mr Big UK
Mr Champ Freeman
Mr DaMention
Mr Dean
Mr Del
Mr Don & Mr C
Mr E (discontinued)
Mr God Bless
Mr Golden
Mr Jag (discontinued)
Mr Kym
Mr Lynx
Mr Mister
Mr Real
Mr Se7n
Mr Sunshine
Mrs Miggsy (discontinued)
Ms Bernadette
Mt Calvary Mass Choir
Mt Carmel Worship Band
Mt Ephraim Baptist Church Mass Choir
Mt Zion Goldenaires
Muccular, Patrice
Muchow, Rick
Mudhead's Monkey (now known as Mudheads)
Mueller, Gundula
Mueller, Kristene (now known as DiMarco, Kristene)
Muguti, Jesmine
Mulamba, Gilbert
Muldaur, Maria
Mulhall, Eamonn
Mullally, Adam
Mullan, Willie
Mullen, David
Mullen, Gordon
Mullen, Jachin
Mullen, Leo
Mullen, Nicole C
Mulligan, Dr Albert
Mullin, Anna
Mullins, Catherine
Mullins, Joe, & The Radio Ramblers
Mullins, Matty
Mullins, Rich (discontinued)
Mulroy, Michael S
Mumford, Marvin
Mundle, Errol
Mundy, Chris
Munhall, Matt
Muniu, Beatrice
Munizzi, Danielle
Munizzi, Martha
Munn And Felton's Footwear Band
Munro, Donnie
Murden, Kristle
Murdification Singers
Murdock, Mike
Murdock, Shirley
Muresan, Cornelia (now known as Brown, Cornelia)
Murphy Hank
Murphy, Branan
Murphy, DeVaughn (discontinued)
Murphy, Dorothy
Murphy, Francine Ealey
Murphy, James
Murphy, Jeremiah
Murphy, Jim
Murphy, Michael James (now known as Michael James)
Murphy, Paul
Murphy, Ray, & Dana Gillespie
Murphy, Stephen
Murphy, William
Murray, Andy (discontinued)
Murray, Anne
Murray, Cliff & Antoinette
Murray, David
Murray, Dre
Murray, Gwen (discontinued)
Murray, Jasmine
Murray, Jim
Murray, John
Murrell Singers, Anna (discontinued)
Murrell, Carnell
Murrell, Jeff
Murrey, Shyra
Murrill, Damion
Murrills, The
Muse, Kelsey
Museum, The
Mush (discontinued)
Music Box Hymns
Music Lovers Series
Musica Sacra
Musical Harts
Musick, Mike
Mustache Carl
Mustard Seed Faith
Mustard Seeds, The
Mustard Seeds, The
Mustardseed Generation
Musto, Steve
Mutiba, Rudo
Mutual Ground
Mutuku, Henrie
MVMT Worship
My Bottlerockit (now known as Audiogene)
My Brightest Diamond
My Brother's Keeper (discontinued)
My Brothers Mother
My Darkest Time
My Epic
My Favourite Place
My First
My Flesh Heart
My Friend Stephanie
My Glorious
My Good Man William
My Heart To Fear
My Kid Sister (now known as Strangeday)
My Kind Of Worship
My Kurios
My Little Dog China
My Ransomed Soul
My Silent Wake
My Spoon
MY Tha Vizion (now known as Oliver, Reschad)
MyChildren MyBride
Myers, David
Myers, Kathy
Myers, Lee
Myers, Nick
Myles, Kristyna
Myles, Raymond (discontinued)
Mylon & Broken Heart
Mylon Hayes Family
Mynydd Mawr Male Choir
Myriad, The
Myrick, Terry
Mystery Guests (discontinued)
Mystery Maker (discontinued)
Mystery Tent, The (now known as Parnell, Clive)
Mystical Light Folk Group, The (discontinued)
Myx Quest

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