xRhythms: It's Time For The Next Level

  • 50.00 - Thank you for all that you do for young people - may God bless your ministry abundantly.
  • $200.00 - Luv'ing Cross Rhythms!!
  • 25.00 - I hope the little I can give can help in making your ministry grow stronger!
  • 20.00 - many blessings on the team which I want to be a part of!
  • 250.00 - Keep up the good work! Lift Him high for all to see.
  • 500.00 - I have faith that you will receive your breakthrough and that God will use Crossrhythms to bring hope to people all over the world.

You’re looking at the first of a new generation of media voices - our wonderful xRhythms Army of young bloggers, vloggers and creative video producers, now being raised up to share faith and truth with today’s UK teenagers!

As you are aware, xRhythms is a unique, new, online video and social media platform with two goals: i) to reach UK teenagers, aged 13-20, in the online, social media world that they inhabit, and ii) to do so through raising up a generation of new media voices who are passionate about their faith and want to share with their generation about the God they know.

We’ve seen remarkable progress in recent months. The last time I wrote to you we had just nine of these new media voices. But as of today, the XR Army stands at 30 members, with another 15 going through our induction process. Amazingly, that’s nearly 50, mostly British, young new media voices! We’re not stopping there though. We see hundreds of young people, from all over the world, using the xRhythms platform to share how Jesus has changed their lives!

And these guys are already producing fabulous messages in advance of the launch of the brand new xRhythms website and Visual Radio Player. It’s so good to read the hope-filled, faith perspective they’re bringing to teenage challenges like battling eating disorders, struggling with mental health issues, wrestling with sexuality, and growing up in a broken family, to name just a few.

We believe in this generation and we’re getting behind them as best we can. Not only are we building them a dedicated online platform through which to share their heart for God relevantly with a teenage generation, but we’ve also come up with a unique Visual Radio Player which, because of its innovation, we’ve had to present to YouTube themselves, to get their agreement!

We’re also investing into our XR Army any video equipment they might need; we’ve set them up with their own WhatsApp group so they can support each other; and this summer we held the first ‘xRhythms contributor day’, where we imparted to them vision, encouragement and ministry on ‘The Kingdom of God’ and ‘The Fatherheart of God’, along with a special media skills session from a Christian Fleet St. journalist and writer.

All is progressing well. But now it’s time for the next level!...

I want to share with you this really important next stage in our process of establishing xRhythms, and to ask if you would help me in this?

You see, we have virtually built the platform and got a good proportion of our starting team of contributors in place, but until now most of the development work has been done by the existing CR team. Going forward however, that won’t be sufficient. Rather, for xRhythms to launch and operate on a daily basis, it has to grow to a new level. It has to be established as a functioning arm of Cross Rhythms in its own right, able to resource itself and stand on its own two feet!

In the next year, that growth will require the following:

  1. To employ a small team to manage and coordinate the xRhythms vision – including a Content Controller, a Music Journalist, and a Video Production Engineer.
  2. To be able to pay all its ongoing costs: overheads, service support, marketing and fundraising.
  3. To purchase any further equipment,

It’s vital we now take xRhythms to that next level of operation if we are going to establish this vision for our teenage generation. To do so, means increasing its budget by £128,000 for 2019.

In the last few months this ministry has become very intentional on pushing this vision through. We have dedicated 25% of our core team to spend at least 4 days every week just on xRhythms. I myself now spend two days a week specifically to raise awareness and support for this oh so important work.

We’re taking it to the next level, but we need your support to help us achieve these goals! I have come up with a few ways to do this and I am wondering today if you would be able to get behind me in one or more of these?:

  1. First, no bones about it, we do need increased financial support! Can you consider a special ‘next level’ donation at this time, or would you become a regular monthly giver? I would truly value it.
  2. Second, this is the time to increase awareness of this fledgling ministry. So I am making myself available to you. It may be your church would support xRhythms out of a mission budget? Would they, your house group, your youth leaders, or any Christian friends, want to know about this vision? Even for just 2 or 3 I would be thrilled to come and share with them.
  3. Third, I am looking to connect with Christians in business – either Christians who own their own business or have significant decision-making authority where they work. I want to share with them the xRhythms vision, and appeal to them to consider partnering with us and sowing into i) reaching UK teenagers, and ii) empowering our XR army of next generation communicators. Most businesses have a corporate social responsibility or charity budget, and are often looking to invest into young people.

Do you know of Christian business people, leaders or anyone else in your area, that you think may be stirred by the XR vision? Those who recognise the challenge facing UK teenagers and see the need to reach them with Christian truth. If so, would you email me using the address below and help me to connect with them through a simple introduction?

Together we can expand awareness and support of this vision and help take it to the next level!

Jonathan Bellamy
Cross Rhythms CEO
Email: admin@crossrhythms.co.uk