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Putting Jesus First
Deborah Mitchell on the revolution of putting Jesus first before we outwardly serve. [26.07.19]
Finding Hope At Christmas
Deborah Mitchell shares how Jesus is our hope if we're struggling with poverty or loneliness this Christmas. [28.12.18]
Having Childlike Faith
Deborah Mitchell looks at the results of childlike faith in the Bible. [11.04.18]
Receiving Jesus' Living Water
Deborah Mitchell considers the free gift offered to us by Jesus, whatever our background. [18.08.17]
Good News
Deborah Mitchell considers the good news that is found in Jesus. [17.02.17]
Walking In The Authority Of A Son
Deborah Mitchell considers the spiritual authority we have as God's sons. [26.08.16]
A Successful Man Is The Average Man Focused On God
Deborah Mitchell considers the importance of keeping our eyes on God and not our circumstances. [26.02.16]
What Trusting In God Looks Like
Deborah Mitchell attests to the trustworthiness of God. [28.08.15]
Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow
Deborah Mitchell considers the 14th century proverb [27.03.15]
The Scottish Referendum And Unity
Deborah Mitchell comments on the destiny of Scotland and the Church [17.10.14]

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