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Article Title: Matthew Ward: 2nd Chapter Of Acts and Pioneering CCM
Author of reported comment: Verne Bullock
Comment Date: 14:27 on Feb 11 2007
Comment: I became a christian thru the ministry of The Salt Company, in LA, in 1970. I met Annie, Buck, Nellie and Matthew one morning when a girl I had met at Hollywood Pres, invited me to go meet some friends of hers "waiting on God to do a music thing with them." Our drive into the Hollywood Hills ended at Annie and Buck Herrings home, where sitting around in their kitchen, we got to know each other a little... What Matthew says is so right on...and I can't wait to see him again. I heard he lives in Colorado Springs, CO now, and we have a mutual acquaintence, It won't be long, and we will be face to face again... The Lord is up to something, just like Matthew said. Two weeks ago, I attended the 70th birthday party for Don Williams, the pastor under whose ministry, The Salt Company began in Los Angeles. All of my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, who came to know Jesus then, were together again, in the same building, and it was more than just a birthday party, I think and hope it was the birth of the next movement...finishing the work that was started in the 70's revival, calling the elect together again, and anointing us for service, on the streets, in the Starbucks coffee shops of the world, surrendering ourselves to Christ, letting Him do His work. For by Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things, to Him be Glory forever... Thanks for the article....come to Colorado and let me give you some more information Mike...I'd love to talk to you...Verne
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