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Author of reported comment: Michael
Comment Date: 22:41 on May 15 2008
Comment: Phatfish are recognised for their versatility. Throughout their years they have been fantastic live performers and worshippers, with a solid, striking soaring sound. But on their studio albums, they are more experimental. They were in your face with Heavenbound and Truth, but what is wrong with going for a more melodic, sensitive sound with this album? Turned loud its amazing, a car stereo does not give it justice. The soothing, blending together of all the sounds and the electronic tinge it has is quite interesting. It goes against all this american rock CCM style you get nowadays. With Guaranteed, Phatfish have shown again they can write amazing songs and produce driving albums full of flair and edge, but this album is a beautiful difference to all their louder more heavy stuff, that should be enjoyed and admired.
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