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Article Title: Kevin Max: The Imposter?
Author of reported comment: TIM F
Comment Date: 00:51 on Dec 14 2009
Comment: I just saw KMax in concert last weekend with Mike Roe. I went there for Mike. Don't know anything about KMax other than his association with DCTalk. My concern is with the hypocrisy of those living in shallow Christendom. So many people are quick to blab about divorce, yet so few are actually willing to read what the Bible teaches us about it. It's all there, folks! Freakin' read it, already! 1. It is *absolutely* the job of the Christian to judge! Anyone saying otherwise has never finished reading Jesus' comments on the topic (read the next 5 verses past Matt 7:1), nor understands the nature of holy worship. If we are not supposed to judge, why did Paul rip the Corinthians for *not* judging their member who was shacking with his step-mom? (1 Cor 5, esp v 3) 2. As believers, we have an obligation to *humbly* keep the church pure. If a person maintains his unrepentant ways, we are **commanded** to throw them out of the church and NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THEM. Please read both 1 Cor 5 and 1 Cor 6, as Paul deals with this exact topic at length. This applies not only to sexual sins, but greed, idolatry, homosexuality, drunkeness, rioters and swindlers. When people who claim to be believers refuse to turn from their ways, we are commanded to a) mourn b) kick them out. By the way, this is not Paul's idea: Jesus says the same in Matthew 18, including the part about not associating with them! (read it for yourself if you don't believe me) This business of "Jesus is love, forgive everyone and ignore their sin" is an ignorant and gross distortion of what Jesus teaches re Christian living. I have no idea how this topic relates to Kevin's situation, since I've not been asked to be involved. We need to encourage each other to be faithful to what God commands of us. Keep Kevin and his family in your prayers. But if he's (or anyone) is living in sin and refuses to repent .. the Bible has already spoken.
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