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Article Title: Bob Dylan: Investigating the icon's 'Christmas In The Heart' album
Author of reported comment: robert billy
Comment Date: 09:12 on Dec 25 2009
Comment: I keep reading that Dylan's voice is shot. Really ? Do people think he shouldn't be singing anymore ? I'm not sure if you meant to say as much as that but I have grown weary of hearing it (especially during a show) and wonder why he always seems to be judged more ferverently that the rest of the world's performers combined. All the world's performers who continue past their "prime" sound rougher than they did before. Should Jimmy Scott (a.k.a. Little Jimmy Scott) who I believe might have had the sweetest voice ever should have stopped recording because he was less perfect than before ? If he had thought that way he never would have recorded the best versions of "Without A Song" and "Darn That Dream" that the world has heard. I think the 2000 version (from Milestones Profile album) of "Darn That Dream" is infinitely more impressive than one of the versions from his "prime". I saw him in 2007 at Lincoln Center and although he struggled for the odd note I was moved to tears by the beauty expressed that night. Same goes for Bob Dylan and Lee "Scratch" Perry, anyone who expresses their heart as profoundly as they should be rewarded for their dedication to their work. Art is not sport. Try googling and then listening to "Bob Dylan Forgetful Heart Seattle 2009" and tell me again his voice is shot. It wasn't a lame horse on stage that night (Oct. 5, 2009) ! Should Skip James have given up and not come back to perform late in life ? I surely don't believe so, the world would be less rich if he hadn't. Robert Billy (Vancouver, B.C. Canada) P.S. I love "Christmas In The Heart"(Allen Funt is dead, get reckless with those Q-Tips Jim Doyle or go back to sleep ) it is evidence Bob Dylan has miles and miles of such. Merry Christmas.
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