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Article Title: Kevin Max: The Imposter?
Author of reported comment: BR
Comment Date: 05:35 on Mar 17 2010
Comment: I've seen DC Talk several times. The last time I saw them I was in the front row with a bunch of friends. I really got turned OFF by Kevin when he was totally eye balling my friends wife the whole night. Everyone in our section noticed it. I make no apology for what I'm about to say but c'mon! If you say that you are a Christian, live like one! I am so tired of the compromise in the Christian community. We all sin, I understand that, but let's get some things right. Divorce is more rampant in the church big time. It has become so the norm we try to whitewash it. Jesus said only for marital unfaithfulness. Which seems to be the norm in the Christian community as well. Yes I believe in grace, but not greasy grace. When we accept the anything goes attitude in the Christian community.....well then anything goes and it appears so. The big thing today seems to be who can push the envelope the farthest and if you don't approve you're just religious and not "spiritual" (or not culturaly relavent). Let's face it, Bono, is not the poster boy for Christendom and I get tired of hearing about him. He still hasn't found what he's looking for. :-) There is a plumbline as mentioned in the bible in which we should get back too. The bible says not to judge those in the world, (as we once were) but we are to judge those in the church, as one of the previous poster said. I for one have no respect for Kevin but wish him well in his walk.
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