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Article Title: Papa San: Taking the concept of reggae gospel to the USA
Author of reported comment: Joshua Knight
Comment Date: 19:36 on Apr 8 2011
Comment: I just want firstly to say that Papa San,Ju nior and Stitc hie rae doing a good job in bringing the gospel to the world, keep it up. On the otherhand there are some artistes who makes difficult to relate, it is not clear what they are singing about or if God is getting any glory whatsoever. i think there most be a passion to worship or give reverence to the bigman upstears and not just occupational hobby where alot are sounding acting and dressing as the seculor. Not to knock anybody but Let us not forget that we are a royal Preisthood a Pequlior people a Holy nation. San, Stichie,Tucker and others who are doing the ministry justice continue to keep the banner of Christ HIGH........ Blessed love
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