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Article Title: Creationism In Schools Isn't Science - Part 2
Author of reported comment: kate
Comment Date: 18:25 on Jul 19 2011
Comment: I found your article a little confusing as it didn't make clear the whole point of the CrISIS campaign which is to prevent a literal reading of genesis being presented as having any scientific validity not to prevent the creation story being taught in RE as a purely religious position. It is the attempts made by this small minority to give their beliefs a scientific credibility that they do not have that seems to be the concern of the CrISIS campaign. Currently the creationist organisations you quote, the one that Mr Bell works for (Creation Ministries International), Answers in Genesis and the Centre for Intelligent Design, all make 'scientific' claims to support their faith based postions that are not considered valid or accurate by anyone in the genuine scientific community. Including their fabrication of a scientific controversy around evolution to back up what is purely a religious objection to it. Creationist claims simply do not qualify as science-hence should not be presented as such in any lesson, whether it be RE or biology. The claim that ID was science was firmly rejected by the courts in America in 2005. The scientific expertise lined up against it included Francis Collins and Ken Miller, both renowned scientists and devout christians. Both firmly pro evolution and anti creationism/ID. Many of the so called 'scientific' claims Mr Bell made when invited to speak on creationism at the school in Exeter were recognised as factually inaccurate by one of the parents who was a geologist. So the issue tackled by the CrISIS campaign is not whether or not Genesis should be taught but should people be allowed to make false scientific claims about it.
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