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Article Title: Kevin Max: The Imposter?
Author of reported comment: Ann
Comment Date: 08:24 on Apr 14 2012
Comment: my prayer for everyone... judge or judgee. singer in a rock band or a robe wearing choir and even for the media who covers all issues of christianity- is that Jesus remains the centre of our focus everyday. We must ask ourselves for whom we are doing or saying things. John 15 is clear without Christ, we can't do a thing. So whatever we do, if Christ is not at the centre, we must always run back to him. I like Dc Talk and the Voice of The Matters ministered to me as a teen snd because of that I pray that Jesus remains the centre of Kmax, Michael Tait and TobyMac wherever they are. Trust me the devil came to steal, kill and destroy, that is his mission and where else to start, but the church? So while we are at our lives we must know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers and rulers of this dark age. About time we start putting this in perspective so that instead of judging and questioning we break into intercession and rebuking in love. Yes and lets start within our homes and backyards before we go after artists we only see on TV. Lets just interecede for them as God speaks to us but not tell them what to do. It's the age of the holys Spirit and His conviction will reach everyone He loves as we intercede in Love
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