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Article Title: Chris Haines: Two "brilliant" albums for the singer songwriter
Author of reported comment: LeAnn
Comment Date: 23:53 on Nov 20 2014
Comment: I have LOVED and listened to Chris Haines' albums for several years!!! I am currently terminally ill at the age of 51 and Seven Stars is the album I go to sleep to each night. It s not only beautiful and brilliant, but quite comforting, as well. I feel that each song is praying with me to God, especially when I am troubled or in pain. I absolutely LOVE St. Augustine (song). My son and his wife got their 1st degrees in philosophy about 10 years ago, so we were often known to discuss Augustine's Confessions with great passion. My son reminds me often that I am merely a human being suffering in a temporary body but deeply loved as a child of God. For some reason Chris has always made me think of my son, who also sought out God at a very early age. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see both my children love others with great compassion and empathy. Thank you to Chris for following those prompting sin his heart and soul to do what he is doing. It is not only for him and his family, but for many, many people like me that he may not ever know about until our souls meet one day. Many blessings and much success to you!
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