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Article Title: Roll Away The Stone
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 15:59 on Aug 27 2017
Comment: This guy's music has always been on the edge, but thelyrics cannot be disputed. The late rocker's words and music speak of Jesus loud and clear, amen! The songs are from a 3 hour concert, raw, without any overdubs,exactly as the audience heard it ! The late Mark Heard was on rhythm guitar, and even the late Tom Howard on piano; Randy Stonehill would also join the tour and play guitar and add vocals also. The concert contains some of Larry's well known written songs that other CCM artist recorded on a tribute album in 1995. CCM group Holy Soldier did a slowed down version of "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus", and the trio DC Talk did a top notch cover of "Wish We'd All been Ready": both songs are on this concert album. I really liked "I've Been Searching All Over the World", great tune. Those who know CCM well, know that, Geoff Moore did a cover of "Why Should the devil Have All the Good Music",song is also heard here. I believe every believer can relate to "Shot Down". The tune, "Song for a Small Circle of Friends", great heart line, "if the song don't make sense to you, I hope His Spirit slips on through because He loves you." Album closer is top fave " Wish We'd All Been Ready", if you've never heard the song, hope you take the time to listen to it, and let the lyrics sink in. The song travels through the years and is for today! Glad I found this ancient album, God is good! GOD Bless, Don
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