Tony Cummings recounts his ongoing involvement with the suffering of Sudan

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Since then, God has provided a trickle of cash for John through Agents Of Grace. One dear lady in Birmingham regularly sends me 35 every month. A dear couple in my church recently gave me 500. So far these small amounts are the only funding the Sudan Peace & Development Organisation have received. John has sent various proposals to the Sudanese government asking for funding for different initiatives - a school, a hospital, water pumps so that the Bentius don't have to drink contaminated water - but so far no monies have been received. In the meantime, the little Agents Of Grace can send is keeping John alive and providing for his elderly mother who, living in Khartoum, has taken seven orphaned children off the streets and is struggling to feed them.

I have more plans for Agents Of Grace in the future. I will soon begin work on another 'Agents Of Grace' various artists album and now a couple from my church have donated a number of vending machines which I hope to set up in businesses around Staffordshire with all profits from these machines going to Agents Of Grace/Sudan Peace & Development Organisation.

A few years ago I wrote a song lyric for the 'Agents Of Grace' album. It went, "You're not forgotten/Jesus, he hears/He knows your suffering/All of your tears." In faith I write this believing that some of God's people who read the story of Tony Cummings, John Gai and the Bentius will be moved to compassion and donate something to help these dear, desperate people.

Tony Cummings is the music editor of Cross Rhythms. Much of this article is a chapter of a biography currently being written by John Cheek. To give to Agents Of Grace visit or post contributions to Tony Cummings at Cross Rhythms. CR

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