Jeff Short chats to Ben Cooley about his inspiring book, which offers encouragement and advice for other leaders, based on his own experience.

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Hope for Justice has done extraordinary things but one of the greatest revelations I've had in my life is this: it's not my mission. I only serve a greater mission and that's to bring hope, freedom and liberty to this world. I only play my part and I'm grateful for that. I feel grateful for the friends and supporters around the world. It's been an amazing journey but we're not finished yet because we want to live in a world free from slavery. That means every man, woman and child living in freedom and we're committed to making that happen.

Jeff: That is such a stirring battle cry and I guess there are also people like me. We sit in front of the television, we see where organisation such as yours expose what is going on - workers at a turkey factory in Herefordshire, people working on farms in the Vale of Evesham being horribly exploited, as well as those in the sex industry. We look at them and we're shocked and horrified and we're glad people like you are doing something about it but the news finishes and we watch Emmerdale.

Ben: I think you've hit something really poignant. We hear lots of things. We're hearers of the words or of the issues but it's the doers who actually change things. Edmund Burke says this, 'All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men (and women) to do nothing.' Rallying together, all doing our little bit, we can't do it all but we can do our little bits.

One of the things I love about this book is not only is it designed and purposed to help you to succeed in your life, wherever you are, and to keep on going in your relentless pursuit.

For every 77 books sold through it funds a child that we've rescued and restored. It funds us to be able to reintegrate that child safely back to their parents. That's one of the greatest things we do, to take children home. That for me is the sign of a great culture, a noble heart, where you lend yourself and you invest not just in yourself but in others.

Jeff: The book has questions at the end of each chapter that invite the reader to apply the text to their own situation. I think that's good when the book says 'and now you.' Tell us how we can get a copy?

Ben: It's on or you can go on Amazon or a bookstore near you. CR

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