Paul Calvert interviews Zac Waller, the executive director of HaYovel Now, about uniting Jews and Christians through volunteering on Israeli farms, and fulfilling scripture.

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The Joshua and Caleb Report is where we go and interview people about their lives, because we feel that part is missing in main stream news. People aren't hearing from the people who live here; they are hearing political figures talking about things. We wanted to spread their message out to the world so that everybody can hear.

Paul: You have some big name endorsers for your organisation, who's endorsing you?

Zac: Well in the US there are quite a few politicians who are Israel supportive. We don't necessarily have anybody in particular in the US who is endorsing our organisation, but there are some people who are very supportive of Israel who we have done things with.

Mike Huckabee is a huge lover of Israel and we have been to different events together.

There has been several other congressmen and senators that we have talked to, who because of their love for the Bible and their love for God want to be more connected to Israel. Since we have been here for the last 14 years we're able to provide that connection for them.

Pastor Jim Garlow and his wife Rosemary have become great friends of ours, they are very supportive and also do great work here in the land of Israel.

We have also been more connected to the Israeli Knesset as well. We have had several Knesset members who have come out to Har Brakha where our base is set up. They speak to our volunteers about Israel because we really want people to be able to understand the Bible better, but we also want people to understand what is happening here today as well.

Obviously the Bible is helping us out, by telling us that things are going to happen. There are modern things that are happening, things that are better able to interpret the scriptures now because we are now seeing it come to pass, which has never happened before. It's been difficult to understand what the prophet was really saying when he spoke of the Jewish people returning on eagles wings, but then we saw aeroplanes. Things like this help us to understand the scriptures, so we want people to connect with those things in order to see the modern State of Israel.

Paul: Do you feel like you are living in Bible times now?

Zac: Yes, very much so. When the Israelites were coming out of the land of Egypt and making their way to the land of Israel, there is a scripture that says God revealed Himself to the Israelite people and to Moses in a different way. The scripture says "I appeared to Abraham as this but I am appearing to you as this." It is really very different how God showed himself to Abraham, there wasn't a big miracle, God just said "Leave your family and your father's house. Go to a land that I will show you" and Abraham followed God.

Then we see Moses and the Israelite's who were experiencing some of the most dramatic things that have ever happened in the history of the world, the plagues and the Red Sea splitting.

I would say that for the last 2000 years it's probably been more like an Abrahamic faith where you heard from God and you believed. But I think we are living in a Moses like time frame where God is revealing Himself very obviously through all kinds of incredible miracles: the wars of Israel and the agriculture blossoming. Twenty five to 30 years ago there weren't any vineyards in Samaria, and just last year our volunteers harvested 450 tonnes of grapes. It's huge for Christians to be able to come and see prophesies literally being fulfilled right out of the Bible.

Paul: Can anyone from around the world come and volunteer and what would they do as a volunteer?

Zac: Yes, we have 25 countries that are part of our volunteer trips. We have had people from Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, South Africa and of course from the US and Canada.