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Hush: Walsall-based rockers draw on many influencesHush: Walsall-based rockers draw on many influences
A hot new band from Walsall, HUSH, is set to play Cross Rhythms SW '95. Their leader Pete Emms spoke to Les Wilkes. [01.06.95]

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  1995 Rock Single:
Hush - I Close My Eyes
8 squares
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Nigel Cameron & Julie Cameron-Hall:  Almond trees and Celtish ChristmasesNigel Cameron & Julie Cameron-Hall: Almond trees and Celtish Christmases
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Rogue: The West Midlands dubstep man with the "Aviation" radio hitRogue: The West Midlands dubstep man with the "Aviation" radio hit
Tony Cummings tracked down a new star of EDM, Walsall-based ROGUE [05.08.12]
Shuree: Overcoming a broken childhoodShuree: Overcoming a broken childhood
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Alternatively. . .: Reviews of alternative worship and outreach events
A myriad of new 'alternative' worship and outreach events have sprung up all over Britain. In our new series Karl Allison and Francis Blight will be journeying the length of Britain to report on the good, and not so good, initiatives aiming at wrenching Christianity into the 90s. [01.06.94]
IDMC: The 120-strong British gospel choir IDMC: The 120-strong British gospel choir
Albums by British gospel choirs are a rarity. But now the 120-strong IDMC have emerged with a blistering new release. Andy Charalambous reports. [01.06.94]

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Artist ID: 15386

Style: Rock
Approach: Ministry
Country: United Kingdom

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