Key Quotes - The Elderly

Key Quotes - The Elderly

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Last update: Tuesday 15th October
Pensioners suffer more from soaring inflation than their working counterparts, research said today. A study by the institute for Fiscal Studies found the average pensioner experienced a 7.4 per cent rise in the cost of living during 2008, while non pensioner’s outgoings increased by 5.4 per cent. Older poorer pensioners were found to be even more affected by rising costs. Pensioners over the age of 80, and who live in the poorest third of the UK’s households, experienced a nine per cent rise in their living costs – nearly double the average British consumer- while men living alone saw their expenditure leap by eight per cent.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel - 9th October 2008
The Government has been condemned by a leading charity for its treatment of the elderly. Figures revealed by Help The Aged show that almost two-thirds of the population believes that the Government does not take pensioners’ needs seriously. Spokesman Kate Jopling said legislation should be introduced to put ageism on an equal footing with racism and sexism.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel - May 9th 2008
Care services for older people could go “from bad to worse” over the next three years unless the Government delivers a large injection of cash, campaigners from Age Concern warned today. The charity branded the social care settlement in last year’s Comprehensive Spending Review as “dismal”, which set out the Government’s expenditure plans for 2011.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel - February 26th 08
Britian’s first “pensioners’ playground” has opened with one elderly user declaring it made her “feel 21 again” the £15,000 outdoor facility in Dam Head Park, Blackley, Greater Manchester, features six pieces of fitness equipment designed specifically to provide gentle exercise for the over 60’s
The ElderlyThe Sentinel January 31st 2008
The number of older drivers is growing but senior citizens are as safe behind the wheel as younger motorists, figures from the AA showed today. Three-quarters of men in their 70s now hold a driving license – a 50 per cent increase on 20 years ago. The number of women in their 70s with licenses has soared from just 11 per cent in 1986 to 31 per cent now. Drivers over 70 are as safe as drivers aged 25. Drivers over 80 still have a better record than teens.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel - October 10th, 2007
Almost half of older people in the UK are risking their sight by falling to have regular eye tests. The Royal National Institute of Blind People found 47% of over 60 year olds are not having an annual test, which can detect conditions such as glaucoma, wet AMD and diabetic retinopathy.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel - 12th September 2007
The government should take more responsibility for the cost of long-term care for the elderly, a YouGov survey commissioned by a coalition of 16 health and care organisations, Caring Choices has revealed. A little over half of those surveyed said they did not expect to have to rely on their personal savings to pay for care, and only a quarter said they agreed with the current UK system of determining funding sources for care according to income or assets, rather than need.

The ElderlyFaithworks, Summer 2007
More than half of older people do not go out as often as they would like because of a shortage of public toilets, according to a survey. Help the Aged warned that social taboos about incontinence and the closure of public toilets were 'compromising the dignity' of older people. The charity said 80 per cent of older people found it difficult to locate a toilet.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel - May 16th 2007
Up to 1.6 million pensioners are missing out on Chancellor Gordon Brown’s pension credits, even though they are entitled to the money, MPs said today. The Commons Public Accounts Committee said that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had failed to meet its target to pay the credit to three million households by 2006.
The ElderlyThe Sentinel - May 17th 2007
The over 50s are the fastest growing segment of internet users, up from 20% to 25% of the online population in the past year.
28% of people over 65 in the UK are online - and that figure is growing.
86% of over 50s who are connected to the internet have their own computer and an internet connection at home.
Silver surfers are regularly online. In a typical week, 71% are onl People over 50 are not slowing down, losing their minds, or losing interest in learning new skills. 73% taught themselves how to use the internet. Only 9% have been taught to use the internet by a relative.
Over 50s feel safe and secure shopping online - 77% believe the internet a very secure or quite secure place to stop.
Confidence in the security of shopping online is translating into sales - 50% of silver surfers bought through the internet in the past year.
48% of over 50s connected to the internet have been online for between two and five years.

The ElderlyMillennium - June 2006
Television is the main source of company for nearly half of all old people in the UK. Nearly five million over 65’s in the UK rely on TV as a substitute for the companionship and support normally derived from family, friends and neighbours.

The ElderlyThe Sentinel – 30th March 2006
500,000 older people are believed to be abused at any one time in the UK. Two thirds of abuse is committed at home. A quarter of those who abuse are sons and daughters.

The ElderlyThe Times – 1st February 2006
The number of people over the age of 85 is projected to rise from 1.1 million (1.9% of population) to 4.2 million (6.5 per cent of population) in the year 2056.

The ElderlyThe Baptist Times – 16th February 2006
In the winter of 2003/2004, 21,500 people over the age of 65 died as a result of the cold in England and Wales.
The ElderlyThe Universe – 26th June 2005
Women receive just 32p for every £1 of income received by men in a pensioner couple.
The ElderlyThe Universe – 26th June 2005
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