Key Quotes for 2003

Key Quotes for 2003

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Last update: Friday 18th October
Under the Civil Partnerships Bill, homosexual couples are to be given all the legal rights and privileges which currently only apply to married couples. According to Government statistics, there are nearly three million households consisting of house-sharing arrangements, but only 0.2% of households comprise a same-sex couple, that is 50,000 couples.

In Denmark, only 3,5% of all homosexuals have taken out a Civil Partnership. In the UK, the government is banking on its estimate of a 1.5% take up rate by by homosexuals after ten years. This begs the question; for this tiny number of people, why is the government proposing the wholesale rewriting of family law?
Evangelicals Now, Jan 2004.
The Rev. Joanna Jepson, 27, curate of St.Michael's Church, Chester, challenged the lawfulness of killing a six month-old pre-born baby who had a cleft lip palate. 24 weeks is the legal limit for abortions unless there is a risk of serious disability.

She added 'my teenage years were difficult because of facial abnormality.' 'I live a positive and fulfilling life. This baby did not have this opportunity.'

The abortion question was carried out in 2001 on a woman from Herefordshire.
Evangelicals Now, Jan 2004.
Mission agencies and church organisations are alarmed at the drain of healthcare and social and welfare professionals from Africa, which will seriously undermine the fight against AIDS, infant mortality, poverty and waterborne diseases throughout sub-Saharan Africa.
Every year 3,000 South African nurses leave to work in other countries. Since 1998 in Britain alone we have recruited 6,739 nurses from South Africa. Half of all Zimbabwe's qualified social workers live and work in the UK especially London. Only one in seven of Zambia's doctors are still practising in their own country within two years of qualifying.
Evangelicals Now, Jan 2004.
Christian Reasearch have published the results of the Scottish Church Census 2002. The main trend is that whereas Roman Catholic and Church of Scotland attendance dropped dramatically 1980-2000, the smaller denominations seem to have suffered far less in percentage terms.
Evangelicals Now, Jan 2004.
LIFE is pleased that the HFEA has upheld the views of the vast majority of the British public and refused to grant parents the right to choose the sex of their child for social reasons.
Evangelicals Now, Jan 2004.
Premier Christian Radio is the fastest growing radio station in the country, according to new figures from RAJAR.
total listening hours for Premier, Britain's only commercial Christian station, have risen by 162% in the last quarter. Average listening time has almost doubled, while the number of listeners has leapt by 51% to 223,000.
Evangelicals Now, Jan 2004.
Stars who get naked to market their products do not fool young consumers, according to recent research by TV watchdogs. Two thurds of 9-17 year olds disapprove of the amount of sex education from newspapers, videos and magazines.
Youthwork, Jan 2004.
Police should not have the power to disperse groups and enforce curfews, say 70% of young people. A recent National Opinion poll revealed that four out of five year of the 10 to 16 year olds interviewed fear that tension will mount between teenagers and police if plans to introduce amendments to the Government Anti-social Behaviour Bill go ahead.
Youthwork, Jan 2004.
Sales of cosmetic lenses that give wearers cat's eyes, Hulk eyes or alien eyes, but are not medicaly corrective, are increasing at what some describe as 'an alarming rate'. The latest must-have accessory is popular at parties and nightclubs but government health specialists fear teenagers are at risk of permanently damaging their eyes.
Youthwork, Jan 2004.
Despite mixed reviews, the thurd instalment of the Matrix trilogy has become the highest grossing movie of all time. The Matrix Revolutions raked in $204 million (120 million) at cinemas around the world in a recold breaking opening weekend. Released on the 5th November at exactly the same time in over 100 countries, on 18,000 screens, the film took 13.44m in the UK alone.
Youthwork, Jan 2004.
In a recent report in the Times newspaper, young people expressed what it's like to be a teenager;

'My feelings and actions haven't changed, only how I interpret them. As I child it was enough just to live, now I like to control my life.'Stella 14.

'It's all a learning curve. It's just some of us get lost on the way.' Penny 15.

'Growing up - what a tedios task.' Georgina,16.

'I feel like Alice in wonderland...I have stumbled into a world where the rules have changed and I never feel quite the right size to fit.'Bianca, 17.

'We're trying to break away from the cliches and discover our own identity'. Aba, 17.
Youthwork, Jan 2004.
Lying is acceptable. That is the message being passed down to children and young people from their parents, and it's becoming a worrying trend, according to Mary Steel, a head teacher of a school in Staffordshire. She warned delegates at the recent Girl's school Association confrence of the growing number of parents who 'connive' to decive their daughter's schools.
Although most parents are supportive of school's value codes and encourage honesty, Steel argued that the dishonest minority are having a growing influence.
Youthwork, Jan 2004.
An estimated 246 million children are engaged in child labour worldwide. These facts show the shocking truths facing these young people;
171 million work in hazardous situations ( in mines, with chemicals or with danderous machinery)
Although many are forced into trafficking, slavery, prostitution and armed conflict, most (70%) work in agriculture.
The Asian and Pacific regions hold the largest number (127.3 million in total) of child workers aged 5 to 14. This is 19% of the region's child population.
In the Ivory coast alone, 254,000 children under the age of 15 are forced to work on the coca plantations. Most are abducted from their homes.
Under the international Labour Organisation Convention, light work that does not interfere with education is permitted from the age of 12.
The worst form of child labour are classed as being enslaved, forcibly recruited, prostituted, trafficked, and exposed to hazardous work.
Youthwork, Jan 2004.
The society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) says the 2002 England and Wales abortion statistics, recently published, 'confirm the prediction that, by the end of this year (2003) 6,000,000 unborn children will have been aborted in Britian since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act'.The figures can be found on the Department of Health website:
Evangelicals Now, Jan 2004.
An angry mob attacked a group of some 80 Christians participating in a prayer meeting in the city of Roorkey, Uttaranchal,on Oct 26th, the rumours indicated that Christians attending the four day convention, known as Mahasabha 2003, were responsable for the convertion of Hindus.
Evangelicals, Jan 2004.
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