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Baz GascoyneShutting It: The best support you can give a friend in need
Baz Gascoyne considers how unhelpful platitudes are and the need for more genuine empathy. [14.03.17]
Mal FletcherFake News - We've Seen Nothing Yet!
Mal Fletcher comments on the rise in phoney news and analyses the potential future implications. [11.03.17]
Hacksaw RidgeHacksaw Ridge
Simon Dillon reviews the film based on the true story of World War II hero Desmond Doss. [09.03.17]
Why You Need To Stop Protesting And Start FollowingWhy You Need To Stop Protesting And Start Following
Joy Attmore considers Jesus as the model for activism. [07.03.17]
Mal FletcherReactions To Trump Are Mostly Over-Blown And Unhelpful
Mal Fletcher comments on world reaction to Donald Trump's first weeks in power. [04.03.17]
Simon Dillon reviews the low key but brilliant film. [02.03.17]
Release InternationalCzech Christian Flies Home From Sudan After Diplomacy Secures His Freedom
Release International calls on Khartoum to free two Sudanese men jailed with him, Rev Hassan Abduraheem and Abdulmonem Abdumawla. [01.03.17]
The Discovery Of A Twelfth Cave At QumranThe Discovery Of A Twelfth Cave At Qumran
Paul Calvert spoke with archaeologist Dr Oren Gutfeld, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. [28.02.17]
What Are You Subscribed To? What Are You Subscribed To?
Viki Taylor comments on the need to get rid of the junk to find the best. [25.02.17]
Kat MillsDefined By Love
Kat Mills considers the importance of what defines us in life. [23.02.17]

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