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ISIS, Iran And IsraelISIS, Iran And Israel
Paul Calvert spoke with Chris Mitchell from CBN News about his book 'ISIS, Iran and Israel,' about his experiences as a journalist on the front lines with the Kurdish military, what it was like living in Israel through the Intifada and why he stays living and reporting in the Middle East. [27.07.17]
Wimbledon BluesWimbledon Blues
Kat Mills reflects on the importance of finding our identity in something other than what we do. [25.07.17]
Spider-man: HomecomingSpider-man: Homecoming
Simon Dillon reviews the light, enjoyable and above all different take on the iconic superhero. [22.07.17]
Release InternationalEgypt Churches On Suicide Bomb Attack Alert
Intelligence reports warn of a new wave of attacks against Christians. Security services say Islamic State are planning bus attacks on Christians going to summer camps. Church leaders have been asked to cancel camps and conferences. Release International urges protection for the largest remaining Christian community in the Middle East. [20.07.17]
Mal FletcherWhy We Should Know BBC Star Salaries
Mal Fletcher comments on today's public revelations of what key BBC personnel earn. [19.07.17]
The Importance Of Falling In Love AgainThe Importance Of Falling In Love Again
Joy Attmore pours our her heart, considering how we respond to the story of our lives, when it gets written in a way that breaks our hearts and isn't what we wanted. [18.07.17]
Fleeing ISIS And Finding JesusFleeing ISIS And Finding Jesus
Emily Parker spoke with author Craig Borlase about his new book Fleeing ISIS And Finding Jesus, about his quest to discover the answer to the question, 'Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East?' and his experience meeting refugees in Iraq and Jordan. [15.07.17]
The Red TurtleThe Red Turtle
Simon Dillon reviews the achingly beautiful animated film. [13.07.17]
Victory For Christian Pharmacists' Conscience Rights In Great Britain Victory For Christian Pharmacists' Conscience Rights In Great Britain
Heather Bellamy spoke with Ciaran Kelly, the Head of Communications at the Christian Institute, about the importance of reasonable accommodation in balancing people's rights, and how after consultation, the General Pharmaceutical Council have chosen to continue to value their pharmacists faith and conscience, as well as patient care. [11.07.17]
Mal FletcherCharlie Gard Outcome Should Favour Life
Mal Fletcher considers why it's important to maintain a bias, if there is one, on the side of preserving life, while preventing any definite signs of unnecessary suffering. [07.07.17]

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