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Building Relationships With MuslimsBuilding Relationships With Muslims
Heather Bellamy spoke with Gordon Hickson of Mahabba Network. [25.04.17]
Kat MillsThe Ultimate Personal Restoration
Kat Mills shares her own story of personal transformation, which has come about through the love she has received from God and others. [22.04.17]
Mal FletcherElection Overload - Politics v Statesmanship
Mal Fletcher comments on British Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement of a snap general election to be held on June 8. [18.04.17]
Finding Peace In The Storm And Receiving A Miraculous HealingFinding Peace In The Storm And Receiving A Miraculous Healing
Emily Parker spoke with author Kate Nicholas about her healing from inoperable advanced breast cancer, the supernatural peace she was given and why she has written her new book Sea Changed. [18.04.17]
Knowing GodKnowing God
Heather Bellamy spent time with Sheila Jones hearing about how she got to know God as a Father and why it's important to God that we get to know Him personally. [15.04.17]
Throw Away The Labels And Pick Up Your IdentityThrow Away The Labels And Pick Up Your Identity
Cherry Farrington reflects on the damage that can be done to ourselves and others when we define people by labels. [13.04.17]
Release InternationalEgypt Bomb Attacks: Calls For Increased Security Over Easter
Release International calls for increased security for Egypt's Christians over Easter. [11.04.17]
Patriots Pay TaxPatriots Pay Tax
Emily Parker spoke with Andy Flannagan about the most unlikely of campaigns. [08.04.17]
Be Free To Be YouBe Free To Be You
Viki Taylor considers how fear of other peoples' opinions can affect us. [06.04.17]
New Museum Connects Jews And ChristiansNew Museum Connects Jews And Christians
Paul Calvert spoke with Ilan Scolnik, from the Friends of Zion Museum. [04.04.17]

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