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The Shepherd's Fields At Christmas TimeThe Shepherd's Fields At Christmas Time
Paul Calvert spoke with Hanan Manoly, the City Manager from the Beit Sahour Municipality, about the history of the area connected to the Shepherd's Fields, how they will be celebrating Christmas this year, as well as good news stories and challenges. [25.12.17]
Star Wars: The Last JediStar Wars: The Last Jedi
Simon Dillon reviews the very entertaining continuation of the Star Wars franchise. [23.12.17]
Mal FletcherShould Facebook Be Treated As A Drug Company?
Mal Fletcher comments on the mounting international research revealing harmful side-effects of using social media. [21.12.17]
Release InternationalChristian Grooming Epidemic In Egypt
Girls and boys targeted for kidnap and conversion. Release urges Egypt to protect its Christian minority. [18.12.17]
Justice LeagueJustice League
Simon Dillon finds the film an indifferent experience. [05.12.17]
John CheekHuman Rights Over Human Life?
John Cheek defends the vulnerable in a public debate. [02.12.17]
Mal FletcherSexual Misconduct, Non-Apologies And Trial By Social Media
Mal Fletcher comments on the recent spate of accusations of sexual misconduct from public figures. [30.11.17]
The Death of StalinThe Death of Stalin
Simon Dillon reviews the darkly hilarious historical satire. [28.11.17]
Christian TV Reaching The Arab WorldChristian TV Reaching The Arab World
Paul Calvert spoke with Nizar Shaheen, Founder and President of Light For All Nations, about the impact of their work and why the medium of TV is important in Arab nations. [25.11.17]
Surviving ChristmasSurviving Christmas
Kat Mills shares with vulnerability, how Christmas has had to change out of love for her autistic son. [23.11.17]

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