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Release InternationalChina: Christian Persecution Soars As New Laws Bite
Release International report on five-fold increase in the number of Christians facing harassment from the authorities. [30.08.18]
Simon Dillon reviews the boy and his wolf coming-of-age story. [28.08.18]
Baz GascoyneNo Room For Teddy
Baz Gascoyne on the need for more inclusive community, for childless couples, and singles. [25.08.18]
John CheekTough Minds And Tender Hearts
How will we reach the masses unless we have both, asks John Cheek. [21.08.18]
Learning To Accept YourselfLearning To Accept Yourself
Heather Bellamy spoke with author Lincee Ray about overcoming shame to be free to be who we are, and how she recovered after her husband's affair. [18.08.18]
Kat MillsThe Gift Of Understanding
Kat Mills on not judging people by what we see on the surface. [16.08.18]
The MegThe Meg
Simon Dillon advises that if you have a monster movie obsessed child, it might prove diverting. Otherwise, there are better blockbusters out there at present. [14.08.18]
The Life And Times Of The World's Oldest Radio Talk Show Host part 3The Life And Times Of The World's Oldest Radio Talk Show Host part 3
Walter Bingham talks about his remarkable life, including witnessing the burning of books by Nazi Germany, and his career in journalism and as a radio talk show host. [11.08.18]
Mal FletcherThe Future Of Smartphones
Mal Fletcher comments on changing media habits in the UK. [09.08.18]
Providing Help And Comfort In The Midst Of DepressionProviding Help And Comfort In The Midst Of Depression
In his book 'When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend' Mark Meynell shares his reflections and personal insights in to living with depression. As well as being an author, Mark is director for Langham preaching and Langham partnership in Europe and the Caribbean. [07.08.18]

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