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Release InternationalPakistan Elections - Christians Likely To Be The Losers
Release International report on today's election in Pakistan. [25.07.18]
Life As A Refugee part 1Life As A Refugee part 1
Emily Parker interviews Theodore Mbazumutima about his book 'My Country Wept' and how he is using his experience of civil war to help other refugees. [24.07.18]
Reporting News In The Context Of The BibleReporting News In The Context Of The Bible
Rabbi Tuly Weis talks to Paul Calvert about Israel 365 and how he views modern Israel. [21.07.18]
Kat MillsLearning To Overcome Personal Challenges
Kat Mills on meltdowns and answered prayer. [19.07.18]
Paul PoultonLonely And In Need Of Friends
Paul Poulton on finding friendship in unlikely places. [17.07.18]
What We Talk About When We Talk About FaithWhat We Talk About When We Talk About Faith
Peter Stanford speaks about his experiences of talking to famous people about their faith and how having faith is viewed by society. [14.07.18]
You are not aloneYou are not alone
John Cheek breaks the silence and dares to speak about domestic abuse. [12.07.18]
Leave No TraceLeave No Trace
Simon Dillon reviews the slow-burn drama from Winter's Bone director Debra Granik. [10.07.18]
Understanding Your Child's PersonalityUnderstanding Your Child's Personality
Heather Bellamy interviews Hettie Brittz about 'Growing Kids With Character', and how you can identify your child's temperament and parent accordingly. [07.07.18]
Working With Communities In South AfricaWorking With Communities In South Africa
Alan Platt talks to Emily Parker about the Doxa Deo church, their philosophy behind community engagement, and the ways they are transforming society. [05.07.18]

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