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The Life Of A Soldier's WifeThe Life Of A Soldier's Wife
Emily Parker spoke with Brenda Hale about the day she found out her husband had died in Afghanistan, how she survived the shock and grief, and her life in politics since then. [17.04.18]
Isle Of DogsIsle Of Dogs
Simon Dillon reviews the quirky and visually arresting stop-motion animation. [14.04.18]
When Death Takes A Loved OneWhen Death Takes A Loved One
Emily Parker spoke with Alain Emerson about the loss of his first wife, how to process grief, and why he wrote Luminous Dark. [12.04.18]
Paul PoultonTaking Care Of The Environment
Paul Poulton considers what initiatives are happening and what personal responsibility we should take. [10.04.18]
Ready Player OneReady Player One
Simon Dillon reviews the Steven Spielberg blockbuster. [07.04.18]
Release InternationalEgypt Election: 'Protect Your Persecuted Christians, Mr President'
Release International report on the continuing persecution of the largest remaining Christian community in the Middle East. [05.04.18]
Removing Our MasksRemoving Our Masks
Emily Parker spoke with author Claire Musters about finding restoration after an affair, and why we wear masks. [03.04.18]
Restoring The Lives of Disabled And Traumatised Children In The West BankRestoring The Lives of Disabled And Traumatised Children In The West Bank
Paul Calvert spoke with Nader Abu Amsha, the director of the YMCA in Beit Sahour, about their holistic approach to therapy and progress being made to gain rights for disabled people in Palestine. [31.03.18]
Changing Lives In South AfricaChanging Lives In South Africa
Tich and Joan Smith share their story of God bringing each of them through tragic situations and leading them to launch a ministry - a village which rescues children, restores lives, and raises young leaders. [29.03.18]
Kat MillsThis Is Me
Kat Mills on the importance of being true to yourself and finding your voice. [27.03.18]

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