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Overcoming Depression, Anxiety And Suicidal ThoughtsOvercoming Depression, Anxiety And Suicidal Thoughts
Jonathan Bellamy spoke with author Rachael Newham about her experiences: how she has survived two attempts on her life, through to launching a mental health charity and releasing her first book. [07.05.19]
Avengers EndgameAvengers Endgame
Simon Dillon reviews the latest Marvel blockbuster [05.05.19]
John CheekIs There A Right Way To Pray?
John Cheek wonders at the upside-down nature of God's kingdom. [02.05.19]
Changing Lives Through SingingChanging Lives Through Singing
Paul Calvert spoke with Michele Cantoni from the Amwaj Children's Choir, about the difference they're making to the lives of children from Hebron and Bethlehem. [30.04.19]
Steve MaltzExploring Hope: Where can we find it?
Steve Maltz on rising above the problems we face, and finding hope in something more secure than this world can offer. [25.04.19]
Paul PoultonWe All Have Something We're Struggling With
Whether smoking, cheating, lying, or worrying, we all have something we're struggling with says Paul Poulton, and this knowledge should lead us to judge others more kindly. [23.04.19]
An Insight Into Dr. Billy Graham's LifeAn Insight Into Dr. Billy Graham's Life
Evangelist Dr Billy Graham died on the 21st of February 2018 at the age of 99. Dr. Tony Stone worked with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and we are recalling what it was like to be part of that work. [18.04.19]
JJ HellerLove Looks Different Than I Thought
JJ Heller considers the importance of responding to each other's love language. [16.04.19]
The Kindergarten TeacherThe Kindergarten Teacher
Simon Dillon reviews this psychological drama [14.04.19]
Kat MillsStarting A Ripple Effect Through Positive Actions
Kat Mills on the impact of a smile. [11.04.19]

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