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Three Identical StrangersThree Identical Strangers
Simon Dillon reviews this extraordinary documentary. [01.01.19]
JJ HellerThe Secret To Being Brave
JJ Heller and her daughter faced a difficult circumstance, and found that God somehow turned what was hard into a gift. [27.12.18]
Growing Up Near The Shepherds' Fields In Beit SahourGrowing Up Near The Shepherds' Fields In Beit Sahour
Paul Calvert spoke with George Saadeh from the Shepherd's High School in Beit Sahour, about the challenges and trauma the children face and the importance of teaching them about peace. [25.12.18]
Kat MillsFinding Real Blessing This Christmas
Kat Mills reflects on how the true meaning of Christmas, means we can be blessed, even when we're suffering. [22.12.18]
The Old Man And The GunThe Old Man And The Gun
Simon Dillon reviews Robert Redford's swansong. [20.12.18]
Steve MaltzChristmas Time: Let's get serious
Steve Maltz on rediscovering the reality of who Jesus is this Christmas. [18.12.18]
Paul PoultonPoetic Justice
Paul Poulton considers different types of justice, and the importance of the principle of reaping and sowing. [13.12.18]
Simon Dillon reviews the historical drama. [11.12.18]
Life Under Fire In SderotLife Under Fire In Sderot
Paul Calvert hears the stories of two residents, and visits an Israeli police station witnessing shelves of rockets that have been fired from Gaza. [06.12.18]
Reflections And Lessons From The Life And Murder Of Annette McGaviganReflections And Lessons From The Life And Murder Of Annette McGavigan
John Cheek looks back at the life and murder of Annette McGavigan, reflecting on the troubles in Northern Ireland, and the need for truth and forgiveness. [04.12.18]

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