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Conversations Between Christians And AtheistsConversations Between Christians And Atheists
Emily Parker spoke with author and presenter Justin Brierley about his new book 'Unbelievable', and why he still believes in God after 10 years of conversations with atheists on Premier Christian Radio. [19.10.17]
Goodbye Christopher RobinGoodbye Christopher Robin
Simon Dillon reviews the biopic about AA Milne and his son Christopher Robin. [17.10.17]
Israel Britain AllianceIsrael Britain Alliance
Paul Calvert spoke with Michael McCann, the director of the Israel Britain Alliance, about the need for a balanced debate and narrative of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. [12.10.17]
Living In A World Free From SlaveryLiving In A World Free From Slavery
Emily Parker spoke with Ben Cooley, the founder of Hope For Justice, about his new book 'Impossible Is A Dare', his quest to put an end to the modern day slave trade, why he and the charity are successful, and what inspires him to do the impossible. [10.10.17]
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (re-release)Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (re-release)
Simon Dillon reviews the classic film. [05.10.17]
Season Of ChangeSeason Of Change
Kat Mills considers the importance of getting all we can out of very season in our life, even the hard 'winter' seasons. [03.10.17]
He Still HealsHe Still Heals
Matthew Murray shares his story of being healed from malaria after being given three hours to live. [28.09.17]
Allowing God To Transform YouAllowing God To Transform You
Emily Parker spoke with author Freddie Pimm about his new book The Selfish Gospel, why there is so little discipleship in church and how God wants to make us more like Jesus. [26.09.17]
Simon Dillon reviews the short film directed by Andrew Carslaw. [21.09.17]
Preserving Cultural Heritage In BethlehemPreserving Cultural Heritage In Bethlehem
Paul Calvert spoke with the director of The Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation. [19.09.17]

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