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The Father's KissThe Father's Kiss
Heather Bellamy talks to Tracy Williamson about her new book 'The Father's Kiss' and her journey of healing of father wounds. [25.09.18]
Central Asia Clampdown On ChristiansCentral Asia Clampdown On Christians
Release International report on persecution happening in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. [20.09.18]
Cold WarCold War
Simon Dillon reviews this minimal, melancholy, achingly romantic gem. [18.09.18]
A Light In The DarknessA Light In The Darkness
Katherine Snyder talks about the work of Anchor Of Hope and the role God plays in counselling. [15.09.18]
Finding Faith Across The WorldFinding Faith Across The World
Naomi Reed is an acclaimed story teller, speaker and author. In her latest book, 'Finding Faith', she shares people's stories of meeting with Jesus, from the flat, dry towns of Uganda, to an airport in Singapore and even the Amazon jungle. [13.09.18]
Simon Dillon reviews the Spike Lee film based on the incredible story of Ron Stallworth, an African-American Colorado police officer who managed to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. [06.09.18]
Mal FletcherDepression Among Church Leaders - A Problem For Us All
Mal Fletcher comments on the recent suicide of a young church minister from California. [04.09.18]
Release InternationalChina: Christian Persecution Soars As New Laws Bite
Release International report on five-fold increase in the number of Christians facing harassment from the authorities. [30.08.18]
Simon Dillon reviews the boy and his wolf coming-of-age story. [28.08.18]
Baz GascoyneNo Room For Teddy
Baz Gascoyne on the need for more inclusive community, for childless couples, and singles. [25.08.18]

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