Key Quotes for 2019

Key Quotes for 2019

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Last update: Monday 15th July
New standards come into play on 1st April to restrict the ability of gambling companies to advertise to children on social media. Celebrities, sportspeople and TV characters who appear to be under 25 will be banned from appearing in gambling adverts.
MediaYouth and Children’s Work - April 2019
Few multivitamins aimed at children and babies have the recommended level of vitamin D, according to new research. While there is a huge range of vitamins on the market, the vast majority contain far less than the correct dose, experts say.
HealthThe Sentinel - 26th February 2019
A weekly Sunday service will no longer be compulsory for churches, after a vote to change a 400-year-old law was passed by the Church of England’s ruling body in late February.
ChurchEvangelicals - Now April 2019
Almost three-quarters of university students want more information on how their tuition fees are spent, research suggests. A report from the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) indicates around 44% of tuition fee income is spent on teaching, with much of the rest going on areas that directly benefit students. But 74% of the 14,000 students polled as part of the 2018 HEPI/Advance HE Student Academic Experience Survey said they wanted to know more.
EducationThe Sentinel, 22 November 2018
A report about Colombia in December concluded that ‘there is no question that violations of human rights, including attacks on the civilian population and severe restrictions on religious freedom, continue or have grown worse in many parts of the country,’ despite the 2016 peace agreement.
World IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
Half of apprentices are in debt and one in five are unemployed after finishing their training, according to a new study. Research by the Young Women’s Trust suggested most people on an apprenticeship struggle to make their money last until the end of the month.

Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 21 November 2018
The UN and its partners have launched a new humanitarian response plan (HRP) for Libya, which requires £156 million funding, to help 550,000 people. Launched last week, it has the support of the interim Libyan government. The UN Humanitarian/Resident Co-ordinator for Libya, Maria Ribeiro, said in Tripoli: “Years of instability and insecurity have taken a toll on the well-being of many children, women, and men in Libya.

World IssuesChurch Times, 8 February 2019
The Houses of Parliament should become a vape-friendly zone, as part of efforts to make vaping more acceptable around the workplace, MPs have said. There should be vaping policies for businesses and public places to help tackle “misunderstandings” about the practice and to ensure it is treated separately to smoking, according to MPs on the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel, 20 November 2018
The UK Home Office acknowledged in November that Christian refugees in the Middle East are ‘reluctant’ to enter the refugee camp system, but refuses to state this is because of persecution.

World IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
Schools are failing in their duty to enable further education providers to tell pupils about alternatives to A-Levels, research suggests. According to data from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), the majority of institutions do not allow access to pupils so they can be told about opportunities to gain technical qualifications.
EducationThe Sentinel, 10 January 2019
Authorities in Kenya have forbidden Marie Stopes International (MSI) from carrying out abortions, it was reported in November. Medical authorities issued this order after they found MSI was advertising abortion services, despite a prohibition on all abortion advertising. Over the past five years, the United Kingdom has sent £163m of taxpayer money to MSI via the Department for International Development (DfID).
World IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019.
Tens of thousands of patients attend A&E more than 10 times a year with 10 patients making 2,000 visits between them, new research has revealed. An analysis of NHS hospital data by healthcare analysis company Dr Foster found that 31,492 people visited A&E in England 10 or more times between June 2017 and May last year.
HealthThe Sentinel, 10 January 2019
More than half a million under-fives are suffering neglect, trauma or abuse, a key group of ministers will hear. The group, chaired by Commons leader Andrea Leadsom, will be told the Government's current failure to protect the very young will ultimately cost the public purse £16.6billion due to increased risk of "crime, anti-social behaviour and youth inactivity".

Young PeopleThe Express 12th February 2019
Children with mental health conditions are being “failed” by the NHS and ministers must step up action to increase staff numbers to combat the problem, a group of MPs has said.
HealthThe Sentinel, 11 January 2019
Hong Kong and Taiwan voted to retain the definition of marriage between one man and one woman in a vote in mid-November. In Hong Kong, a motion to pave the way for legalising same-sex unions was rejected by 27 votes to 24 votes in parliament. A referendum in Taiwan also rejected legalising same-sex marriage in defiance of a high court ruling last year.

Social IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
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