Key Quotes for 2019

Key Quotes for 2019

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Last update: Friday 23rd August
Authorities in Kenya have forbidden Marie Stopes International (MSI) from carrying out abortions, it was reported in November. Medical authorities issued this order after they found MSI was advertising abortion services, despite a prohibition on all abortion advertising. Over the past five years, the United Kingdom has sent £163m of taxpayer money to MSI via the Department for International Development (DfID).
World IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019.
Tens of thousands of patients attend A&E more than 10 times a year with 10 patients making 2,000 visits between them, new research has revealed. An analysis of NHS hospital data by healthcare analysis company Dr Foster found that 31,492 people visited A&E in England 10 or more times between June 2017 and May last year.
HealthThe Sentinel, 10 January 2019
More than half a million under-fives are suffering neglect, trauma or abuse, a key group of ministers will hear. The group, chaired by Commons leader Andrea Leadsom, will be told the Government's current failure to protect the very young will ultimately cost the public purse £16.6billion due to increased risk of "crime, anti-social behaviour and youth inactivity".

Young PeopleThe Express 12th February 2019
Children with mental health conditions are being “failed” by the NHS and ministers must step up action to increase staff numbers to combat the problem, a group of MPs has said.
HealthThe Sentinel, 11 January 2019
Hong Kong and Taiwan voted to retain the definition of marriage between one man and one woman in a vote in mid-November. In Hong Kong, a motion to pave the way for legalising same-sex unions was rejected by 27 votes to 24 votes in parliament. A referendum in Taiwan also rejected legalising same-sex marriage in defiance of a high court ruling last year.

Social IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
Householders who sign up to combined TV and broadband packages are being hit with loyalty penalties of up to almost £700 a year, a consumer watchdog has warned.

MoneyThe Sentinel, 11 January 2019
Scientists believe they have identified about 60,000 cases of depression in adults under 35 in the UK, and more than 400,000 in the US, that could be avoided if adolescents did not smoke cannabis.
HealthThe Guardian 13th February 2019
Most jobseekers make spelling mistakes in their CV, having problems with words such as “experience” and “professional”, a study suggests. Research by jobs site Adzuna indicated that nine out of 10 CVs contain spelling errors or typos.

Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel, 14 January 2019
A wedding magazine run by Christians was forced to close in December because it wouldn’t feature same-sex couples. Luke and Carla Burrell, who started White Magazine 12 years ago, said the publication had been targeted by homosexual activists following Australia’s decision to redefine marriage.

Social IssuesEvangelicals Now, January 2019
A group set up to protect unborn children in America estimates it has saved thousands of lives by helping mothers choose life. Human Coalition uses social media and online advertising to ‘reach and influence’ women who have decided to have an abortion. It says that since 2010, more than 5,500 children who would otherwise have been aborted have been saved.
Social IssuesThe Christian Institute 13th February 2019
Students should apply for university after they get their A-Levels results, in a major shake-up proposed by university and college staff. The University and College Union (UCU) says the move will eliminate unconditional offers and “chaotic” clearing process, and courses would start in November.
According to the UCU, no other countries use grade predictions to award university places.

EducationThe Sentinel, 14 January 2019
Upsetting Muslims and Christians alike in a speech on 20 November, Imran Khan claimed there is no historical record of Jesus Christ. This could have been a slip of the tongue by the Oxford University-educated leader of the centrist PTI party, but has been viewed as a direct attack on the Christian faith by Pakistani Christians, who number as many as three million in the country.
Religion/SpiritualityEvangelicals Now January 2019
The Archbishop of Canterbury has made the astonishing admission that he does not care if vicars leave the Anglican church to become Roman Catholic priests.
ChurchThe Christian Institute 6th February 2019
The Western world’s most common genetic disorder causes far higher levels of serious disease and disability than previously thought, despite being easy to detect and treat, research has shown. Two major studies have revealed that the iron overload condition haemochromatosis, previously thought to be a low-level health risk, actually quadruples the risk of liver disease and doubles the risk of arthritis and frailty in older age groups. It also causes higher risk of diabetes.

HealthThe Sentinel, 17 January 2019
Over 100 Christians were arrested in Iran in the first week of December and nearly 150 in the preceding month, as part of the government’s attempt to ‘warn’ Christians against sharing the gospel over the Christmas period. This comes at the end of a year when dozens of Christians have been arrested, and some have been given strikingly long sentences.

Religious PersecutionEvangelicals Now January 2019
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