Key Quotes for 2005

Key Quotes for 2005

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Last update: Tuesday 15th October
There are 56,000 faith communities in the UK, of which 48,000 are churches.
ChurchThe Universe – 13th November 2005
The Number of men in England and Wales training to be priests has increased for the third successive year.

ChurchThe Universe – 13th November 2005
1.1 million adults in England suffer from alcohol dependency.

Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsThe Independent – 2nd November 2005
36% of young British skiers and snowboarders drink so much on the slopes they end up being injured, fined or thrown out of their resorts.

Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsThe Independent – 4th November 2005
81% of people believe that children today are more materialistic and have higher expectations than a generation ago.

Odd FactsThe Independent – 3rd November 2005
25% of men talk to their cars (and 12% give them names).

Odd FactsThe Independent – 7th November 2005
Up to 30,000 children under 12 have left the Baptist churches in just two years, according to figures recently released by the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB).
After remaining stable at around 100,000 since 1990, the total fell by nearly 30,000 from 2002-2004, to around 65,000.

ChurchThe Baptist Times – 6th October 2005
The tsunami affected as many as 120,000 people in about 490 villages along Thailand’s Andaman coast and islands. Thousands more have been affected indirectly. Across South Asia, more than 300,000 people lost their lives.

Disasters/WarTear Times – Winter 2005
We live in a world where 30,000 people die unnecessarily each and every day from extreme poverty. A world where 1.1 billion people don’t have access to safe water and 150 million children are malnourished. A world where a women dies in childbirth every minute and every year malnutrition and preventable diseases, such as pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, malaria and HIV/AIDS kill 10 million children.

World IssuesCatholic South West – November 2005
Research has shown that although children living in poor families has been cut by 500,000 there were still 3.5 million children living in poor families – 2.1 million of these were households where one or both parents were in work and qualified for the full range of tax credits.

FamilyChristian Herald – 24th October 2005
Within the estimated 270,000 English students due to start university this month, young people who have been in care are significantly under represented according to a report by leading children’s charity NCH. It is estimated that less than 1 in 100 (1%) of care leavers go to university compared with nearly half (43%) of all under 30 year olds.
EducationChristian Herald – 24th October 2005
The overall number of users of cannabis treated for mental health disorders has risen by 42%. Government figures show that there has been a 22% leap in hospital admissions, attributed directly to cannabis.

Drugs/Alcohol/AddictionsChristian Herald – 15th October 2005
Only 7% of couples getting married in the UK receive pre-marriage advice.

FamilyChristian Herald – 15th October 2005
There are only three official refuges for runaways in the UK with a total of 10 beds – one for every 10,000 children who run away. Government funding for two of these refuges ends in March 2006.

Social IssuesChristian Herald – 15th October 2005
The Children’s Society with the University of York, which surveyed 11,000 children, aged 14-16, found that two thirds say their parents or carers did not report them missing to the police. One in six say they were forced to sleep rough or with strangers, and one in twelve say they were hurt or harmed while away from home.

FamilyChristian Herald – 15th October 2005
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