Key Quotes - Odd Facts

Key Quotes - Odd Facts

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Last update: Monday 22nd July
British soldiers could be manning UK jails if prison officers go on strike.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 11th August 2006
The recent rise in temperature is fuelling a rise in women’s tempers, according to new research. A summer time stress epidemic has hit British females, with 70% admitting to losing it more easily with friends, family and partners during the hot and humid months.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 7th August 2006
World Cup fans fell foul of pranksters in Berlin who filled footballs with concrete. They chained them to lampposts and fences with a sign saying “Can you kick it?” Two fans have required treatment after doing so.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 6th July 2006
A fairground ride owner got his festival permits with just days to spare after his letter arrived via Papua New Guinea. The envelope had been posted in South Tyneside to the Nottinghamshire home.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 29th June 2006
A survey commissioned by car makers Kia uncovered that 35% of drivers say they are happy to let mess build up in their car, which they clear out only twice a year.

Odd FactsThe War Cry – 15th July 2006
According to Which magazine, the equivalent of nearly 20 million working days were spent last year waiting for workmen to turn up.

Odd FactsThe War Cry – 8th July 2006
Lack of money worries and a settled family life makes the age of 57 the happiest time of your life - according to a survey.
The poll revealed that men and women in their late fifties were the group most at peace with the world - mainly because their families had flown the nest and they now had a disposable income to splash out on themselves.

Odd FactsWA Shearings – July 2006
Over 450,000 people in the UK have now planned and paid for their funeral in advance.

Odd FactsThe Universe – 18th June 2006
Four out of five children do not know their own phone numbers any more thanks to mobiles, texts, emails and other devices, according to new research.

Odd FactsBisslancaster – June 2006
Having children in the car may have a positive impact on road safety and that parents are half as likely to have an accident or breach driving rules than the average driver.

Odd FactsPrivilege – June 2006
Australian farmers are developing a new breed of mini cattle that can be shorn like sheep. The animals can also produce milk and beef.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 12th June 2006
There were a huge increase in the number of calls and texts to the Samaritans following England’s opening World Cup match against Paraguay. Calls in the hour after Kick Off were 74% of their normal levels.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 13th June 2006
According to UK industrial high flyer Alan Thompson, the truly successful are those who don’t view themselves as leaders, but as stewards, and operate within biblical principles of stewardship.

Odd FactsThe Baptist Times – 15th June 2006
Government’s new employment law has officially given a definition of age. Younger is up to 25, prime is 25 to 54 and older is 55 onwards.

Odd FactsJesus Life – June 2006
Britons are more likely to worry about terrorist attacks and catching bird flu than they are about losing their job or getting into debt. Just 10% worry about rising debt, and only 12% are concerned about job security.

Odd FactsThe Sentinel – 7th June 2006
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