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Monday 18th August 2008

Terry MacAlmon leaves worship minister after extra-marital affair revelation

SINGER, pianist and worship leader Terry MacAlmon, who has risen to prominence through his appearances on Christian TV working with such figures as Benny Hinn, has announced that he is stepping down from ministry after having had an extra-marital affair. MacAlmon wrote in a letter to ministry supporters, "I don't have a timeline as to if or when I will return to ministry, but I know I cannot go forward with my soul in this condition."

MacAlmon's wife Greta said she planned to file for legal separation, saying counselling and a restoration process had failed. She said, "At this time Terry has chosen to leave his family, these [counselling] relationships and the ministry," adding that she believes MacAlmon will one day be restored. CR

Reader Comments

Posted by Preokosifa Prebi in Nigeria @ 21:51 on Apr 12 2014

Bro Terry, I logged in to check out if there re new songs done by u, but just found out about your backsliding. Pls come back to Jesus, He has freedom for the scars & mistakes that u ve made, thats the beauty of His grace. U cant be too far away from His grace. The memories ll be erased. Dont let the devil use u as gain. Jesus Loves U.

Posted by Janet in Florida @ 18:22 on Mar 24 2014

Dear Terry, Your worship music is some of the Most anointed I've ever experienced. It has blessed us for many years. That is part of why I feel so troubled about what you & your family has been through. I was so sad to hear about your decision to divorce your wife, rather than reconcile believing that God could not restore you to your wife & the decision to remarry someone who was not your wife. God sees covenant differently than we do & it seems that not many in the body of Christ have a working heart knowledge of just how deep covenant goes. I realize that this is like "closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out," but I'm praying for the Lord to reveal some things to you, so that you can share with others & they may be able to avoid these pitfalls. I know God has forgiven you, just as He forgives all of us who call out to Him. I'm just personally torn right now because of what Jesus said about divorce & remarriage. This is such a hard subject & touches So many Christians today. I pray that you will clearly hear from Him.

Posted by Rakhil henry in Bath,uk @ 09:13 on Dec 30 2013

Dear Bro.Terry,you are such a blessing for me and for other people also.I am under treatment for Ca.One night at 3:oclock God gave me a word to go on u tube and listen Terry s song "you do the miracle so Great"Iam so much blessed and believe that God is using you for His glory.pls .dont give up.we all are sinners,there is no one who can claim that he/she never sinned.Jesus came for us to set us free.Its not God s plan to destroy Ur family and ministry.Its devil who is always after God speople to harm them.our Lord is merciful and faithful God .he never levels u nor forsake you.pls .open Ur heart to your father and come back to ministry,Jesus s open Abrams are waiting for you.god bless u.por

Posted by TONY in tuldsa, oklahoma, USA @ 15:09 on Sep 18 2013

the man of God. the Lord is with you. Sing, Sing, sing and sing to your Lord He loves you.

Posted by MaryLee Simpson in Tyler Texas @ 05:39 on Sep 3 2013

You have blessed we with your singing,oh my I play your music in the store where I work,those without sin cast the first stone.Adam and Eve walked with God and they sinned,my heart goes out to you and your music ministry may God renew in you what you need to move on.God forgives when we repent.God Keep You and continue to use you.

Posted by elaine higins in australia @ 02:27 on Jul 9 2013

Dear Terry I understand what yr gng through I'm also crying out for healing of my soul....worship is our life source i pray you are restored that Jesus pulls you out of all guilt , greif , shame that his blood washes you and makes you whole again and that u hve double portion anointing of Fire and Life luv you E.

Posted by Rácz Magdolna in Magyarország @ 20:58 on May 5 2013

Helló Terry! Olvastam a híreket rólad, amelyek nem elítélnek, hanem buzdítanak. Én is ezt teszem, hiszen gyarló emberek lévén , képesek vagyunk szabad akaratunkat helytelenül használni, és olyan dolgokat elkövetni ami bűn. Isten az Atyánk Jézus Krisztuson keresztül lát minket, és Őbenne eltörölte a múlt, jelen és a jövőben elkövetett bűneinket is. Kérlek téged Krisztusért, hogy a kegyelmi ajándékot amit Tőle kaptál, használd! Egyidős vagyok veled, van egy 36.éves fiam zenész, ő is az Urat dicséri. 13 éve hallgatjuk a dicséretet tőled, és a fiamnak te vagy a példaképe. Minden vágya az, hogy úgy tudja dicsérni imádni Istent, ahogyan te teszed. Neki is megvan az ajándéka a zeneszolgálatra, ő is felkent dicsőítésvezető.Leszakad a menny mikor te dicséred az Urat.Szeretünk téged, és kegyelem és békesség adassék neked a mi Urunk Jézus Krisztus által, akinek dicsőség örökkön örökké. Ámen

Posted by Uche Suzzanne in Nigeria @ 19:04 on Feb 21 2013

A broken and contrite heart,God,you will not despise.My pastor,God has seen your heart and has also heard your cries.Praise and worship ministries are so dear to Him.The enemy will definitely look for a way to stop you,but remember in all circumstances,God still loves you and He still remains your father.Your songs inspire my family and I.I know generations ciming,will still drink from your songs of inspiration.We love you.

Posted by maxy in kenya @ 07:49 on Feb 1 2013

Terry MacAlmon, i hear your story and i think of David in the bible, the man after GOD'S own heart. This man was not perfect, he committed adultery and murder but at the end of the day GOD says,"this is the man after my own heart". One thing i know Terry is that GOD loves you, coz the GOD of DAVID is still OUR GOD this day. I know you said u don't know if you will go back to the ministry but i know you will, coz GOD will never use you and reject you, the GOD, you, i and others serve is a GOD of mercy and grace. When David sinned most of the time, he preferred falling into the hands of GOD and his wrath, coz he knew that GOD was merciful. I have been out of church for a year but GOD has restored me and i know that he will do the same for you. Terry, JESUS, loves you very much, the worship you gave him it was true and worthy, many people are being blessed thro your ministry. We want to hear you sing more worship my brother so that we can also worship with those songs in our churches hear in kenya. Blessings

Posted by Pastor Victoria S-M in London UK @ 14:56 on Jan 17 2013

To Pastor Terry you have been such a blessing to me my heart burns in worship i pray that you forgive yourself the lord has forgiven you we all make mistakes the ability topick yourself up and move on,Remember there is no condemnation to those who are in christ.
I will continue to pray for you and your family and i know that after this ordeal your ministry will burst through another level,carry your wife along in the ministry i see restoration,All will be well

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