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Thursday 22nd April 2010

Worship leader Terry MacAlmon to return to worship ministry

AMERICAN singer, pianist and worship leader Terry MacAlmon is returning to ministry. Read a statement from the artist, "Many of you know of my moral failure and subsequent divorce from my wife, Greta. To just set the record straight, my sin was brought to light in December of 2007. After four months of counselling, I simply imploded and I separated from Greta in May of 2008. nearly a year after the separation, and following six more months of counselling and therapy, believing there was too much to overcome between Greta and myself, we divorced in April of 2009. This was actually my choice, not hers, and I have laboured with much pain and agony over the decision. There is much more to any situation than meets the eye and I wish the very best for her a she moves forward. She is a wonderful lady and I am committed to help her as much as I can. We continue to share my music royalty business. We are both extremely proud of our three grown sons and their families. God is so good. Incidentally, the 'illegal' relationship I had was short lived and long past. Today I live alone in Dallas, Texas. I am grateful for what I have learned from trained professionals as it has been helpful in answering some of the 'whys' of my life as well as charting a new course of thought and action going forward. . . In the past few months God has been wooing me back to that which I was made to do - worship him publicly and help his people do the same. . ." Terry will be visiting the UK in November. CR

Reader Comments

Posted by Stan Unger in Vancouver B.C. @ 00:30 on Sep 15 2016

I just recently listened to your worship music. My soul
was refreshed and I believe GOD answered my prayer
to create in me a desire to worship him in spirit and in

Posted by kay Jordan in Colorado Springs, Co @ 19:53 on Sep 11 2016

Please let me know if you will ever be in Colorado Springs this fall (October 12, 2016). Please let your agent know of my email so I can get a response as soon as possible.

My husband & I are hosting a very important gathering
(no more than 20) and I would like to know if you are going to be in the area if we could book you here (at our home). Thank you...I look forward to hearing back.

Grace and peace to you, Terry...

(I have also gone through a divorce. It was heartbreaking...and I know very well the "death" that one goes through when they feel as though they let God down...for many reasons.)

We would welcome you with open arms if and when you ever come to our area!

Posted by Tae Kim in Fort Lee, New Jersey @ 16:45 on Aug 17 2016

Dear Terry,

I knew you very recently, your music and your life turmoil.
After all, this is my opinion. This is my first email.

I don't accuse you, for every human being is a sinner.
I write this just to make sure that you are neither under the domain of sin yet, nor under the disguising and deceiving hand of Satan, but that you don't ultimately go to hell.
I will write to you in detail in my next email.

With Christ's love
Tae Kim

Posted by Debbie Schwep in Medford, Oregon @ 04:57 on Jul 13 2016

I love your music. I am a music person as well and play similar to you. I love the way you lead in worship and allow the Lord to minister... It is so rare today...I am so glad that you are being used today to fulfill your calling and purpose...Blessings to you my brother...

Posted by Barbara Riggs in Ohio @ 17:12 on Jul 11 2016

I fall on my face as your worship comes alive in me❤️The anointing is like none other I've ever heard. Do not let the devil steal this from you or from Gods people. Love and prayers❤️🙏

Posted by mini in ontario canada @ 14:55 on Jun 28 2016

Oh what a joy to know that you are back worshiping the Lord with all your heart - your music has made me and so many others go straight to the throne room.

What a testimony you have now - for all to know that no matter what you have done Jesus says to us "If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us"

You are forgiven - for Jesus already has paid the ultimate price for your sin and how He loves you Terry - how He loves you -

Keep on praising Him my brother - use your gift for His glory.

May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you strong in Him and in the power of His might for its not by might nor by mighty but by My Spirit that you go forth by the power of the Holy Spirit covered under the Blood of Jesus to continue the path that you veered away from but which was set for you from before you were formed in the womb of your mother.

So go forth my brother and glorify our dear precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

You are so loved by Him.

Posted by Theresa in Long Island, NY @ 08:38 on Jun 24 2016

Terry how grearful I am to our FATHER and LORD JESUS CHRIST,
we all make mistakes,I have made the biggest mistake in my life I thought I could ever make,and I can't stop beating myself up,I know i'm forgiven,but it still hunts me,but everytime I full back or think about it ,the LORD brings me to you PRAISE and WORSHIP SONGS. My Brother I just want to say, no matter how long or how bad that sin is in our life,JESUS ALREADY PAID FOR OUR, PAST,
PRESENT,and OUR FUTURE SINS,, it's like3:00am and GOD put you on my mind, I knew of your mistake and I was hurt for you and your wife,I am so sorry it didn't workout for the two of you, but I am so happy to know you both have forgiven each other,and still love and are still servicing the LORD, your music has brought me with the WORD OF GOD through many storms and many mistakes the,I wish
all the Churches would have Praise and WORSHIP in their Church like you Praise and WORSHIP songs. My Bro. I wish you Great the BEST,may the LORD BLESS the two of you and your 3 sons. I am so very greatful that you didn't give up on the LORD,your sons, Greta,or yourself . I will keep praying for you and your Ministry,and your family,after all that's what JESUS and Paul said in the WORD,we are to PRAY ONE FOR THE OTHER,and NOT PULL DOWN EACH OTHER
I love you my Brother,though we don't know each other nor have seen each other personally ,but we will be known to one another when we all get to HEAVEN WITH JESUS ,WOW WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE ! ! please keep me in your prayers. GOD BLESS

Posted by Arlene Hegedus in Lincoln, Nebraska @ 06:14 on Jun 17 2016

Terry, I have been Saddend at a few od these comments. David was a man after Gods own heart, yet he sinned committing murder and adultery. Yes he sinned,but repented and God blessed him. I have to tell you. I bought your live worship tape while we were working at a Benny Hinn conference in OK. I have worn out two tapes already and was so sad that I could not find another one at our Christian book store. That tape has such an anointing. We attend Christ Place church in Lincoln and want to use this tape in our prayer sessions. I also want to buy several for family members. My husband were headed for a divorce after one year of marriage. We got saved at a Kathurn Kuhlman service and our marriage was healed instantly. After 60 years we are still serving Him. I just want you to know how much this tape has ministered to my life. The anointing is so powerful. Remember sins are forgiven and God does not remember them. It is only the enemy of our souls that brings them up to us. He has and will be defeated if we faint not and trust in our savior. Love your heart and your music. Don't stop. Blessings Arlene

Posted by Barbara Pomeroy in Portland Oregon @ 03:14 on Jun 6 2016

Dear Terry,

When I first heard your "I Came To Worship You" CD in a friends car, the presence of the Lord was so present in the car. I purchased the CD and often when listening to it driving, I just wanted to pull over to the side of the road and lift my hands and worship It had such an impact on me. When I heard of your moral fall, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach, I could not believe it. I was so saddened! I was thankful to read above and to hear that you were repented and have come back to the Lord. The most difficult thing though is the fact that you remarried. I am sorry, but I do not see anywhere in the bible where in a case such as your, you would be free to remarry. God forgives but as David there are consequences for sin. And i just do not see that anywhere in scripture, unless you twist or take out of context, that you were free to remarry. I pray you would really truly repent for, once more doing it the way that seems right to a man but the end is destruction. I am so sorry to hear that you did not allow God to fill that loneliness or hole in your heart of being single with his very presence. I am so very grieved.
Sincerely, Barb

Posted by Dense Donelle in Cap-Pele ,NB Canada @ 19:08 on Mar 29 2016

I was heart broken when you stop singing . In my heart I knew that you would come live again and you did .Praise God for your return .I'm glad that you did not let satan kept you down . I love to worship with the anointing .

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