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Thursday 22nd April 2010

Worship leader Terry MacAlmon to return to worship ministry

AMERICAN singer, pianist and worship leader Terry MacAlmon is returning to ministry. Read a statement from the artist, "Many of you know of my moral failure and subsequent divorce from my wife, Greta. To just set the record straight, my sin was brought to light in December of 2007. After four months of counselling, I simply imploded and I separated from Greta in May of 2008. nearly a year after the separation, and following six more months of counselling and therapy, believing there was too much to overcome between Greta and myself, we divorced in April of 2009. This was actually my choice, not hers, and I have laboured with much pain and agony over the decision. There is much more to any situation than meets the eye and I wish the very best for her a she moves forward. She is a wonderful lady and I am committed to help her as much as I can. We continue to share my music royalty business. We are both extremely proud of our three grown sons and their families. God is so good. Incidentally, the 'illegal' relationship I had was short lived and long past. Today I live alone in Dallas, Texas. I am grateful for what I have learned from trained professionals as it has been helpful in answering some of the 'whys' of my life as well as charting a new course of thought and action going forward. . . In the past few months God has been wooing me back to that which I was made to do - worship him publicly and help his people do the same. . ." Terry will be visiting the UK in November. CR

Reader Comments

Posted by Nancy in Port charlotte florida @ 05:59 on Feb 1 2016

I had followed you for years your worship was the only one so anointed so sorry about what is happened between you and your wife I have been married to my so called childhood sweetheart for 50 years it's been a loveless relationship but I have hung in but I keep asking the Lord where is my godly man in shining armor and God says I am it for now so I want you to know every single night I turn YouTube on in my own home and I listen to your things one right after another all night long and I am blessed by the anointing of God I have been a Christian for 42 years saved by a Jewish man have hung in with the Lord he is the Lord of my life he is my husband man.. bless you would love to see you at Christian retreat in Bradenton Florida

Posted by Beverly States in Southwest Missouri @ 02:08 on Jan 6 2016

Praise God! God is faithful and I have just found some of your 2000 live worship music. I am being ministered to by the music. Thank God you're being obedient to your calling.

Posted by Michelle Ferrell in Shawnee, OK @ 08:43 on Dec 31 2015

Terry your ministry has touched my life deeply! It has taken me through some horrible times... Yet through it when I felt my world collapsing all around me and felt like I was closing down inside, I could put your worship on and the anointing would soothe and heal my painful heart! It was your music that helped me to lead others is a deeper form of worship. I miss your ministry and hope that you get back into writing again. The first time I saw you was on a Benny Hinn program back in either 2002 or 2003... never the same! You have been the single handed most effective influence in my music ministry. Our styles are similar, all though, I am now where close to your accomplishment, just the same sincere heart of worship and similar chord progressions.... THANK YOU for your dedication to the Lord! I pray for you in the healing of your life... We all make terrible mistakes, some are just more public than others! Don't let satan take away what God has ordained within you. I think you have been wise to remain in council ... many prayers for you my friend! My husband and I saw you live at OBU in Shawnee OK, I believe in 2006.... it was a cherished memory.....

Posted by Dominique Beatty in Nashville TN @ 00:55 on Oct 26 2015

Oh how we've missed you & have prayed for this day. May the Lord order your steps & heal your brokenness. Thank you for not allowing shame to keep you from your gifts. Blessings,

Reply by elena in long pond pa. @ 17:02 on Jan 6 2016

Amen Terry. Glad your heart is healed. And that your back. We All fall. But thank God for brothers and sisters in prayer. This is a time. And season in which your God felt music is needed. May Jesus continually wrap you in His arms.

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Posted by Vida in Plainefield, il @ 01:42 on Oct 21 2015

God bless u for coming into the open. May u be restored with greater sounds of heaven. I pray you and Greta's pain is healed. We welcome you back to the loving arms of the father.

Posted by Baituti Mosiane in Botswana Gaborone @ 11:30 on Oct 10 2015

Terry, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our (My wife and I) heart prayer for you has always been to hear you are back on your feet, a righteous man falls 7 times and still rises.

To bo honest with you, my ministry is built wholly, deeply and fully on the foundation the Lord laid through you in my life.

I pray God may do to you what He did to restore Job after Job had a difficult time. "a multiple times higher than the first glory"

I love you sir, may God keep you and Greta well.

Posted by Garrett Ryan in Newfoundland , Canada @ 05:05 on Oct 6 2015

For all have sinned and Fallon short of the Glory of God , welcome back . Terry it is not your music or ministry but the Lord's for it is The Lord who called you and gives you the ABILLITY and the heavenly HONOR to perform for HIM . WE JUST DO NOT WAKE UP ONE MORNING AND DECIDE THAT WE WILL BE A WORSHIP LEADER FOR IT IS A DIRECT CALLING FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HIMSELF . Our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with powers , principalities and wicked spirits in height places , Terry you are on the front lines of this SPIRITUAL WAR , expect to be attacked , you are bringing down strongholds. God has called you , fight the good fight of your faith , we need you . WE ARE NEARING THE END TIMES , EXPECT THE ENEMY TO BRING YOU DOWN ANYWAY HE CAN BUT THE WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE ARE NOT CARNAL SO PUT ON YOUR ARMOUR AND GET BACK TO WORK .

Reply by Jo Walker in Wyoming @ 19:07 on Nov 9 2015

Terry... I stand in agreement with Garrett. to add to that is the truth that God mercies are new every morning like the dew. For all have indeed fallen short.. many in the public eye, far more in the privacy of darkness, but God knows it all. The songs the Lord has given you are my morning entrance into the throne room where Abba and I commune. Right now I am listening to Holy Holy Are You Lord.. to which I echo.. holy holy holy indeed are you, Lord. For the Lord is good and His mercy is everlasting. The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy. What he does not know is the work of the Spirit in worship within you will be or is already far greater than before the fall. May God be glorified in all that comes forth from your life and music.

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Posted by Monica in Qatar @ 02:55 on Oct 1 2015

Terry I have been so blessed by your ministry. Thanks for allowing the Lord to bring you through the battle. The enemy seeks to destroy the people the Lord uses in worship. Keep doing what you are invested in, worship!

Posted by MARY in Los Angeles @ 22:08 on Sep 29 2015

My dear bro Terry, Love you so much. God is in the business of healing and restoring people. People are ready to throw stones, and rake the wounds by reminding. But God called us to love unconditionally. No one is perfect not, even in thoughts. Keep on singing for Christ, no matter what, anyone says. we love you always. Thanks for the worship CDs you made.

Posted by Sue Evans in Texas @ 22:39 on Sep 23 2015

My prayer for you, Terry, is that you will be totally restored to your wife. My husband and I were separated for 3 long years. Neither would get a divorce but we just could not live together. My pastor told me not to "go back" to him, but to "go forward" and God would bring me along when He finished his work. 3 years later that work was finished and God restored our marriage. We were both made "new". We did not "go back"! May God make your hearts ready to be one again! I love your worship music! I have worn out several cd's. Thank you for your obedience! S

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