Key Quotes for 2007

Key Quotes for 2007

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Last update: Friday 23rd August
Average pay deals have maintained an eight year high of 3.5 per cent so far this year. A study of 261 settlements covering more than 250,000 workers showed manufacturing workers had benefited most from the bigger pay rises. Industrial Relations Services said the average increase was 3.5 per cent this year compared with three per cent in the past few years.
MoneyThe Sentinel - 20th April 2007
Water–borne disease is one of the biggest killers of children under five yet access to clean water is not prioritised in the fight against poverty. The UN reports that half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from water-borne diseases. And the World Health Organisation states that fatal diarrhoea could be reduced by an average of 65 per cent simply by providing safe water, a place to go to the toilet and promoting good hygiene practices.
HealthChristianity May 2007
More than one in five Christians in the UK faces discrimination in their communities for their faith, according to a survey carried out by the BBC’s Heaven and Earth show. One in three said the media portrayal of Christianity was discriminatory and a quarter felt discriminated against at work.
Religious PersecutionChristianity - May 2007
The proportion of men in the UK’s churches is about 36% and falling - plot the graph and that figure becomes 0% by 2034.
Religion/SpiritualityDirection May 2007
Children in Britain are increasingly likely to live in single-parent families, according to a report out today. Nearly a quarter lived with just one parent last year - treble the proportion recorded in 1972.
FamilyThe Sentinel - April 11th 2007
Almost one in three people are not happy at work, with managers and bankers among the least satisfied, according to research today. The happiest workers are hairdressers, with three out of five looking forward to going back to work after a day off, while childcare workers and plumbers are among the most satisfied. Workers earning less than £15,000 are far happier than those in the £40,000-£45,000 income bracket, according to a poll of 1,000 adults by City & Guilds.
Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel - 11th April 2007
Britons get through £855 million worth of fresh potatos a year - more than dry pasta and rice put together, a report out today says. Spending on spuds has risen by 20% since 2001 as shoppers buy more expensive varieties, according to market analysts Mintel.
Food and DrinkThe Sentinel - April 12th 2007
A common gene variant found in 16% of the population could be largely responsible for exploding rates of obesity, it has been revealed. People with two copies of the gene are almost 70% more at risk of being obese than those having none, and three kilograms heavier on average.
HealthThe Sentinel - April 13th 2007
Church leaders, along with the World Health Organisation, have expressed concern over the increased rates of drug-resistant tuberculosis worldwide. Mgr Jean-Marie Musivi Mpendawatu, a member of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Ministry, said tuberculosis has the potential to be more dangerous than AIDS and malaria combined.
HealthThe Universe - April 1st 2007
The European Court of Human Rights has awarded damages to a woman who was denied an abortion in Poland. Abortion is outlawed in Poland apart from in cases of rape, foetal deformity or where the mothers life is in danger.
FamilyThe Universe - April 1st 2007
Thousands of bird brained British children think that cows lay eggs. The poll by Dairy Farmers of Britain also revealed the belief bacon comes from sheep.

Young PeopleThe Sentinel – 28th February 2007
The global trade in counterfeit prescription drugs is rapidly expanding and putting customers in grave danger.

HealthThe Sentinel – 1st March 2007
According to a new survey, Bournemouth on the south coast has the happiest population of any UK town. More than four in five residents say they are happy.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 9th March 2007
British workers do like Mondays, with few people dreading turning up at the office after a weekend break. Two out of three people do actually feel positive about the start of the week.

Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel – 12th February 2007
Britain is the number one destination for human traffickers in Lithuania. People mainly women are enticed from impoverished areas with the promise of a good job and a high salary. They are sold as slaves, either into the sex industry or hard labour. An estimated 1,500 people are trafficked from the Baltic States to the rest of Europe every year.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 7th March 2007
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