Key Quotes for 2007

Key Quotes for 2007

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Last update: Sunday 18th August
Compulsory lie detector tests may soon be used for the first time in Britain. The government is backing a new law that will allow polygraph tests to monitor sex offenders when they are released from prison. Probation officers will conduct tests to measure breathing, heart rate and sweat, to establish whether offenders are safe to remain in the community.

CrimeEvangelical Times – March 2007
As many as 13% of motorists have driven without insurance, with those under 30 years old the worst offenders. Two thirds of those who have flouted the law have done so while driving someone else’s car, while the rest have driven their vehicle without insurance cover.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 15th February 2007
More than 1,300 pubs nationwide are currently under threat from closure. Around 58 pubs shut down for good every month. The bulk of closures (80%) happen in urban areas where the premises are often converted into housing, restaurants, shops or offices.

Food and DrinkThe Sentinel – 14th February 2007
Children who snack among large groups of friends eat up to 30% more than those in smaller groups. Youngsters ate more when in a group of nine children than three.

HealthThe Sentinel – 14th February 2007
An increasingly ageing population is causing a major rise in the number of cancer cases. Between 2004 and 2006, the number of new cases of cancer diagnosed each year in Europe rose by 300,000.

HealthThe Sentinel – 7th February 2007
Most teenagers are unaware smoking can rob them of their sight – even though blindness is one of their biggest health worries. Youngsters fear blindness more than lung cancer or stroke, yet only about 5% know of the link with cigarettes.

HealthThe Sentinel – 6th February 2007
Violence in prisons has soared almost 600% in 10 years. The number of violent incidents spiraled from 2,343 in 1996 to 13,771 in 2005.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 5th February 2007
A frozen sea on Mars may harbour life several metres below the surface, according to research by British scientists.

SpaceThe Sentinel – 30th January 2007
The European Commission has stepped up a campaign against smoking, keeping up pressure to turn the entire EU into a smoke free zone by mid 2009.

HealthThe Sentinel – 30th January 2007
Almost a fifth of indebted consumers are considering insolvency as a way out of their money woes. Research from debt consultancy firm Thomas Charles found that 19% of adults with debts of ฃ10,000 or more report some likelihood of becoming bankrupt to taking out an individual voluntary arrangement.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 1st February 2007
One in 25 juvenile crimes is slot machine related.

CrimeEvangelicals Now – January 2007
On current trends, average global temperatures will rise 2 to 3 degrees Celsius in 50 years. The global power sector will have to be at least 60% decarbonised by 2050 to stabilize greenhouse gases. Deforestation emissions are estimated to represent more than 18% of global emissions, more than the global transport sector. The poorest developing countries will be hit earliest and hardest by climate change.

EnvironmentIdea – January/February 2007
Currently there are 2-3 million mainly Sunni Muslims in the UK, of whom nearly one million live in Greater London area and one third originate from Pakistan.

Religion/SpiritualityEvangelical Times – January 2007
Road crashes are the biggest killer of 15-24 year olds. A third of young people aged 15-24 have driven or been a passenger in a road race. One young driver or passenger is killed or seriously injured every hour on UK roads. A third have driven without a licence. One in three has been a passenger in a car driven by a driver on drinks or drugs. One in five drive after drinking alcohol. Almost one in tem drive on illegal drugs.

Young PeopleYouthwork – January 2007
Millions of consumers are opening themselves up to fraud by committing a number of ID theft sins. The most common of these being throwing away bank or credit card statements without shredding them first.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 10th January 2007
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