Key Quotes for 2007

Key Quotes for 2007

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Last update: Friday 23rd August
Harbour porpoises in British waters are starving to death because of the effects of global climate change. Warmer sea are affecting the availability of sand eels, which their staple food source.
EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 10th January 2007
An appetite suppressing chewing gum could one day be used to tackle Britain’s obesity epidemic. Scientists are developing a drug based on a natural gut hormone that mimics the body’s feeling full response. An injectable treatment could be available in 5 to 8 years.

HealthThe Sentinel – 15th January 2007
Church ceremonies are back in vogue, according to a survey by a leading wedding magazine while the average cost of the nuptials has gone up to £21,274. According to a 2006 poll, 49% of couples now have a religious ceremony, up from 3% on the year before.

ChurchThe Church of England Newspaper – 26th January 2006
The Burmese military regime has an explicitly anti-Christian agenda, and is allegedly seeking to systematically destroy the religion.

Religious PersecutionThe Baptist Times – 25th January 2007
The average working day is now 8:37am to 5:37pm according to a new report. But researchers for computer company Microsoft suggests that workers are unproductive for almost three hours a day, spending 54 minutes on the internet, 35 minutes chatting to colleagues, 14 minutes in the loo and 17 minutes making tea.

Work/EmploymentThe Sentinel – 9th January 2007
Tea drinkers have been urged to give milk a miss if they want to help their hearts. Studies have shown that drinking tea can help protect against cardiovascular disease. But now researchers believe that adding milk to a favourite cuppa counteracts any beneficial effects.

HealthThe Sentinel – 9th January 2007
The number of marriages in England and Wales has hit a record low, an Office of National Statistics survey reveals. The rate of marriages in 2005 fell to 244,710, the lowest since 1896, The Guardian reports. The number of couples tying the knot two years ago plunged 10 per cent on the previous year. Observers said various factors, including legal moves to cut ‘sham marriages’ and increases in weddings overseas helped to explain the decline. But The Guardian said growing acceptance of cohabitation and government plans to give cohabiting couples similar rights to married partners were to blame. A Church of England spokesman expressed concern although the brunt of the fall has been felt by civil marriage ceremonies.
FamilyThe Guardian - 22nd February 2007
New figures show deaths and serious injuries have been slashed near speed cameras placed on some notorious blackspots. The statistics show severe accidents have fallen by 50% on some of the most notorious blackspots in the Staffordshire Moorlands, against the 42% national average.

EnvironmentThe Sentinel – 29th January 2007
A growing minority of young Muslims are inspired by political Islam and feel they have less in common with non Muslims than their parents do. A poll found that support for Sharia law, Islamic schools and wearing the veil in public is significantly stronger among young Muslims than their parents.

Religion/SpiritualityThe Sentinel – 29th January 2007
Nightclub doormen are donning hi tech headcams to help curb trouble. Security staff at Liquid, on Brunswick Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent are now using the gadgets to film clubbers in and around the premises.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 29th January 2007
The Fairtrade Foundation has said that Marks and Spencer’s decision to switch key clothing ranges to Fairtrade certified cotton shows that such products are moving even further into mainstream.

ShoppingThe War Cry – 27th January 2007
A potential way of switching off cancer has been discovered by scientists investigating unexplored areas of genetics. The mechanism involves a form of RNA, a genetic molecule similar to DNA. An Oxford University team has identified a previously unknown form of RNA which regulates a gene and controls tumour growth.

HealthThe Sentinel – 22nd January 2007
Campaigners are calling for a change in the law to make it a criminal offence to demonise a child. The move comes after police told the BBC that they were unable to charge an African pastor who accused children of witch craft in this country.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 25th January 2007
Vulnerable people could be missing on benefits because leaflets explaining their rights are too difficult to understand. Information from the Department of Work and Pensions require a reading age above the national average to be understood.

Social IssuesThe Sentinel – 23rd January 2007
Britain’s new cultural landscape is being reflected by the number of church buildings closing, and rising numbers of mosques and Hindu and Sikh temples being built, The Times reports. Almost 8,000 church buildings closed between 1961 and 2005, with over 1,600 mosques opening during the same period. Christian denominations experiencing growth in numbers tend to favour less traditional settings, such as sports halls and former warehouses. According to Christian Research, around 4,000 church buildings will close in the next 15 years.
ChurchThe Times - 10th February 2007
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