Key Quotes for 2007

Key Quotes for 2007

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Last update: Friday 23rd August
The number of Type 1 diabetes has risen dramatically in 20 years.

HealthThe Sentinel – 16th March 2007
Shoppers are developing a taste for meat such as venison, pheasant and game. Sales of game rose by 46% from 2004 to hit 57 million last year.

Food and DrinkThe Sentinel – 16th March 2007
More than 10 million grown up children have tucked into their parents personal savings.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 5th March 2007
London and Hampshire have the greatest concentration of wealthy people in the UK. The capital is home to 13% of the wealthiest individuals in the country, while 8% live in Hampshire. Cheshire being famed for being home to sports stars, is 11th with 2.7% of the nation’s wealthiest people.

MoneyThe Sentinel – 5th March 2007
When asked who they most admire, six times more teenagers said their mother and three times more their father, than those who said they admire pop stars or sports personalities.

Young PeopleYouthwork – March 2007
30.5% of young people have been drunk two or more times.

Young PeopleYouthwork – April 2007
35.3% of 15 year olds aspire to low skilled work.

Work/EmploymentYouthwork – April 2007
35.8% of children have been bullied in the past two months.

Young PeopleYouthwork – April 2007
More men than women take teddy bears to bed when sleeping alone. While 15% of women resorted to cuddling a teddy, as many as 20% of men admitted to opting for teddies, a survey of travellers by hotel chain Travelodge found.
Odd FactsThe Sentinel - March 14th 2007
16.2% of British children live below the poverty line.

Social IssuesYouthwork – April 2007
More men are worried about their pensions than about becoming impotent or getting prostate cancer, according to a poll today. In a survey of 1,000 men on behalf of the Prostate Cancer Charity, almost a third (32%) said their pension was a concern as they got older. Prostate cancer was a worry for 13% and 7% worried about their weight.
HealthThe Sentinel - March 19th 2007
A whole generation of motorists could become uninsurable if the death and injury rate for young drivers is not slowed, it was claimed today. Fatalities and serious injuries to 15-25 year old drivers and riders total 35 each day. Young people could be completely priced out of the insurance market if nothing is done to lower the rate, warned Co-operative Insurance.
Young PeopleThe Sentinel - March 19th 2007
Colombia’s children are now safer thanks to a new bill approved after months of determined lobbying and tough negotiation. Children in the conflict torn country suffer high levels of domestic violence and abuse.

World IssuesTeartimes – Spring 2007
According to World Vision, the south western province of Bayankhongor in Mongolia has the highest level of church growth in the country. With 85,000 inhabitants in and around the central town, there are 8 churches, the largest with 150 members.

ChurchMAF News – March/May 2007
More than 1,200 bicycles are being stolen everyday across the UK. A study by insurance firm Direct Line suggested 440,000 are being taken by thieves in a year. The company planted locked bikes in 10 cities and within 24 hours most had been stolen.

CrimeThe Sentinel – 16th February 2007
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