Booking Terms and Conditions

  • All advertisements are subject to the approval of the publishers and the publishers reserve the right to refuse an advert at any point, at their discretion. In this connection, no advertiser has ground to bring complaint for damages or breach of contract.
  • The publishers will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of any artwork sent through on any format. We will take responsibility only after artwork has been accepted in good order.

  • The cancellation of adverts will be subject to a 30% cancellation fee of the amount of impressions booked.

  • Any additional work that the publishers have to do because of faults with the artwork sent will be charged at £25 per hour.

  • Once the publisher has received an advert, any changes that the advertiser asks the publisher to make, the publisher is not obliged to make them. If the publisher does do the changes, no responsibility is accepted for any errors that may occur.

  • Payment with order for international and first time advertisers. Upon receipt of your booking we will send you an invoice showing the total cost. Payment should be sent within 5 days or this will delay your booking being processed. Payment must be received before the adverts start date.

  • Approved accounts will be invoiced, strictly 30 days when full payment must be made.

  • Interest at current bank rate (pro rata) will be charged on overdue accounts. Minimum charge on one month's interest.

  • Advertising which has a cut off date e.g. when advertising an event, should the amount of impressions booked not be fulfilled before the date agreed, then payment will not be required on any unused block of 1,000 impressions. If a discount has been applied to the order, but the actual number of impressions used is below the discount level applied, then the lower discount level (if any) will be applicable.

  • Advertisers will have a username and password with which to access the Cross Rhythms online advertising system.

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