xRhythms Radio on DAB

It's now broadcasting across Stoke-on-Trent and also Newcastle-upon-Tyne and South Shields on DAB radio.

It's the brand new xRhythms teenage focussed station, packed with edgy, relevant Christian Hip-Hop, Hard Rock, Pop and full on Jesus testimonies and messages!

Try it for yourself here:

xRhythms DAB

The XR DAB stations in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle are the first of numerous similar stations that will soon be rolling out right across the country for our UK teenage youth!

And here is the unique, and absolutely incredible opportunity you need to consider: Do you want to see this station reaching into the teenage youth generation of your area?

Well, you can make that happen for ONLY £5,000 a year!

As new multiplexes come online across the country we can supply the XR radio stream to your area and broadcast it out 24 hours a day every day for just £5k! That covers all broadcast costs and licences - AND you won't need to do anything else! How easy and cost effective is that!

We've already been approached by DAB multiplexes wondering if we'd like to be carried across Middlesborough, York, Birmingham, Bristol, Taunton, Swindon & Marlborough and West Wiltshire. And many more will emerge in the coming days.

But we need Christians in those areas to grab hold of the opportunity for their area. Can you, or you and your church, or you and other Christians, group together and commit to that £5k for your area? Please email your interest and let's talk more: hello@xrhythms.co.uk.

Reaching the teenagers in your region - what price is that worth to you?


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