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David HellyerLockdown With Lazarus And The Bronze Snake.
David Hellyer looks at where God is in all of this [18.08.20]
Chris MountfordThe Lows And Highs Of The Pandemic
Chris Mountford encourages us know the peace of God during these uncertain times [24.07.20]
Tracy WilliamsonMoving Forward
Tracy Williamson on God's plan for our lives [10.07.20]
James GandonHope
James Gandon encourages us to look for what God is doing in our lives during these difficult times [03.07.20]
Valerie ElliotThe Purpose Of Joy
Valerie Elliot encourages us to know God on a deeper level during these challenging times [26.06.20]
Mike DaviesTrust In The Lord
Mike Davies looks at how Covid-19 has changed our lives and what lessons we may learn from it and take into future with us. [19.06.20]
Esther Stapleton-StoneThe Power Of Creativity
Esther Stapleton-Stone encourages us to use our passion during these unprecedented times. [12.06.20]
Zara GandonUnity
Zara Gandon encourages us to be in unity with one another, putting others needs first and serving a common goal [05.06.20]
Shelley du PlessisNormal Is Just A Setting On Your Dryer
Shelley du Plessis encourages us to be the voice of reason and peace during the disruption of COVID 19 [22.05.20]
Darren RoyI Am Convinced
Darren Roy encourages us to be convinced that God's reassuring and powerful love is ours and can reach us in every situation. [15.05.20]

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