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Ben DoggettLooking To The One Who Was Lifted Up
Ben Doggett on the perfection reached in Jesus. [28.06.19]
Suzie BrockGetting Our Need For Home Met In Father
Suzie Brock considers our instinctive need for 'home' and how this can only truly be met in a relationship with God. [21.06.19]
Steve GambillToo Busy To Pray Or Too Busy Not To Pray?
Steve Gambill on the importance and effectiveness of prayer. [14.06.19]
Nick WelfordPlayer Agency
Nick Welford grapples with the issue of free will. [07.06.19]
Liz DumainGod Is With Us In Difficult Moments
Liz Dumain compares baptism to life experiences that can suck you down under the water. [31.05.19]
Jeff CuttsGod's Time Is The Right Time
Jeff Cutts considers the difference between God's timing and our timing. [24.05.19]
Matt SummerfieldWho Will You Invite To God's Amazing Table?
Matt Summerfield looks at God's heart for the banquet He's preparing in the Kingdom of God. [17.05.19]
David HellyerGive To God What Is God's
David Hellyer on the responsibility of bearing Christ's image. [10.05.19]
Dave SimpsonGet The Speck Out Of Your Eye
Dave Simpson on stopping judging people and starting to set them free instead. [03.05.19]
Hannah LattySpeaking Out The Heavenly Reality Of Situations
Hannah Latty on the creative power of sound. [26.04.19]

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