Genesis 1

Hannah Latty on the creative power of sound.

Hannah Latty
Hannah Latty

God spoke the world into being. Wow!

As a singer/musician I am fascinated by the creative power of sound. Have you ever seen the visual effect that sound has on a 'sand table'? As a single note played by an amplifier under a table (covered with sand) scales through the frequencies, amazing shapes and patterns are formed. Incredibly intricate and complex patterns, each snapping to a different shape as the note played beneath the table gets higher. (Check this out on YouTube if you haven't before, 'Amazing Resonance Experiment').

Genesis 1 says, 'The earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said "let there be light."' When the presence of the Holy Spirit is hovering, and the sound of heaven bellows over dark and emptiness, life is formed.

The most amazing thing is that we can be a part of this creative process in our own situations! Whatever context you find yourself in today, allow the Spirit of God to hover over the dark and void places around you or in you and speak life.

The word of God is pumped full of truths that will displace the darkness, shining light and bringing hope where there was no sign of life before.

Jesus prayed "Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." What is the heavenly reality of your situation right now? What does new life and beauty in the dark and void places look like once light has invaded? As we ask God for His perspective, we can begin to agree with heaven and declare His truth over our situations.

Jehovah Rapha (God who heals) is one of God's names that I love to speak!

I have experienced His incredible healing power in many contexts, in my own life with emotional healing, physical healing, and many physical healings for those I've had the privilege to pray with too.

As a singer, I would often find myself in dark places like clubs and bars. We knew that we carried the presence of God as we walked into those spaces. I would declare the life giving power of the Holy Spirit over my playing and singing, that my sound would usher the sound of heaven and through Spirit and sound, life and peace and wholeness would form.

One time I was performing in a club in Leeds, and another singer came to me asking if I had any painkillers on me. She had really bad heartburn and a headache. I'd never met her before. I didn't have any tablets on me, but with a boldness coming over me, I blurted out "I could pray for you though!" She nervously laughed and went to ask someone else. I then played my set and absolutely loved singing that night, as the atmosphere felt electric with the presence of the Holy Spirit, (not singing songs even explicitly about God). Afterwards I sat near this poor girl who was really in pain. I could see she was struggling. I felt Holy Spirit urge me to put my hand on her shoulder and pray for healing, (not out loud, just in my spirit). It was one of those moments that could be massively awkward, (especially as her boyfriend was sat between us both, so my arm spanning his shoulders too felt super suspect!) I felt Holy Spirit say "Just wait". The three to four seconds felt like an hour, but then I suddenly felt a rush of 'electricity' run through my arm and hand and she leapt forward. As she leapt up, she said "OMG, are you a healer!?" (In a really thick Leeds accent). "Me pain completely went. My headache and heartburn has completely gone!"

It was an amazing moment where partnering with heaven to declare life into an atmosphere, enabled heaven to touch earth and healing to happen. What an absolute honour it is to live like this.

Spirit of God we welcome you to hover over us and with boldness, over every spec of darkness in and around us, we choose to speak Your truth, Your beauty, Your order and Your amazing gift of life. CR

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