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Esther Stapleton-StoneBeing Thankful
Esther Stapleton-Stone encourages us to develop a lifestyle of worship and to look to God during challenging times. [19.08.20]
Release InternationalRelease International
Oppression and discrimination against Christians has increased during Covid, says Release International, which has launched an appeal to help Christians suffering during the pandemic. [17.08.20]
Women in a Patriarchal WorldWomen in a Patriarchal World
Jeff Short chats to renowned philosopher, sociologist and theologian, Elaine Storkey to explore the lives of courageous women from the Bible who stood up for what they believed even if it meant going against their culture or social expectations. [05.08.20]
John CheekSuch Unprecedented Times
John Cheek reports from some new horizons [30.07.20]
United HatzalahUnited Hatzalah
Paul Calverts chats with Eli Beer, the founder of United Hatzalah [28.07.20]
Racing On EmptyRacing On Empty
Jeff Short chats to Iona Rossely about her new book Racing On Empty [23.07.20]
Release InternationalRelease International
Sudan abolishes apostasy law 'freedom in the air' [16.07.20]
Mike FarringtonMy Passion
Mike Farrington shares openly and honestly about knowing God [12.07.20]
Paul PoultonPrayer In A Mechanical Universe
Paul Poulton on the power of prayer [09.07.20]
God And The PandemicGod And The Pandemic
Jeff Short chats with former Bishop of Durham Tom Wright about his new book as he describes that this is a time for lament and admitting we don't have easy answers during these times. [02.07.20]

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